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fairbrother’s Film Reviews

199 Films have been rated or reviewed by fairbrother.

Honeymoon Killers, TheHoneymoon Killers, The (1970)Aro Favourite
4 stars (Very Good) Artless acting and a shoestring budget only enhance the nightmare authenticity of this gloriously lurid noir. Spiked with dark humor but driven by morbid desperation, it's the flipside to Bonnie & Clyde's sexed–up, studio–glossed myth–making.
Billy Lynn's Long Halftime WalkBilly Lynn's Long Halftime Walk (2016)
3 stars (Good Enough) If the women get short–shrift and the drama's on–the–nose at times – surprising from Ang Lee – this still resonates with an earnest, poignant compassion, and a welcome sideways look at the USA's compulsive hero–worship. Flawed but worthwhile.
DVD $34.95 | Blu-Ray $39.95
Captain PhillipsCaptain Phillips (2013)Recommended
4 stars (Very Good) Hanks and Abdi make a great match. After an hour–plus of nail–biting suspense, the story loses a bit of steam, but it does ramp back up for a climactic reel with unexpected emotional kick. PS: "A Hijacking" maybe better (see below!).
JawsJaws (1975)Aro Favourite
5 stars (Exceptional) Terror has seldom ever been so much fun. An inspired work of popcorn genius whose craft only gets more impressive with age. Ranks with Psycho as one of the great movie thrillers – essential viewing for any film fan.
DVD $19.95 | Blu-Ray $29.95
Inside Llewyn DavisInside Llewyn Davis (2013)Recommended
5 stars (Exceptional) A winning film about – gulp – failure. Great cast, evocative wintry cinematography, and indelible songs. The famously sharp Coen humor is here, but so is an aching, haunting sadness unprecedented in their work. Bittersweet perfection.
Raising ArizonaRaising Arizona (1985)Aro Favourite
5 stars (Exceptional) The opening montage alone – ten head–spinning minutes of deadpan irony at a frantic, cartoonish pace – ranks among the best American cinema of the 1980's. Very funny and gloriously one–of–a–kind.
GravityGravity (2013)Aro Favourite
4 stars (Very Good) The dialogue and attempts at thematic depth are risible. But catch this on a big screen with surround sound and it's a stunning piece of cinema: the camerawork, sound, and editing truly immerse us in zero–G cosmic peril. Breath–taking.
Old BoyOld Boy (Oldboy) (2004)Aro Favourite
3 stars (Good Enough) Worth seeing for it's dazzlingly berserk first half: as frantic, funny, and exciting as anyone might tell you. But the rest rings ever hollower: a comic–book thriller with style and audacity but, for all its mad plot twists, no essential story.
Gone GirlGone Girl (2014)Aro Favourite
2 stars (Good Try) The plot would've made for good black comedy but never convinces as serious drama. Fine score and camerawork, but frantic editing rushes the story without reducing a swollen run–time. Pike, Coon, and Dickens are all strong – Affleck's just Affleck.
Boondock Saints, TheBoondock Saints, The (1999)
1 star (Turkey) The cinematic equivalent of a drunk, scrap–ready frat–boy mouthing off at women, or 'hipsters', or anyone else who'd question his place at the center of the universe. Dafoe and Connolly deserve career hazard–pay for this. Agonizing.

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