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73 Films.

SWAT (TV Series)SWAT (TV Series) (S.W.A.T.) (1975)
One of the tough cop shows of the seventies that follows the covert missions of the LAPD's elite force. Season 1 (13 episodes) available over 3…
DVD $20 $15 (Season 1)
Happy Days (TV Series)Happy Days (TV Series) (1974)
Rockin’ and rollin’ time capsule nostalgia recaptures the simple, all–American life of the Cunninghams in the jukebox fifties, and their…
DVD $15 $11.25 (Season 1) , $15 $11.25 (Season 2)
Kojak (TV Series)Kojak (TV Series) (1973-1978)
Popular 70s cop show that turned Telly Savalas's funky, lollipop sucking, glow–domed police lieutenant into a cultural icon. Highly quotable,…
DVD $20 $15 (Season 1)
Six Million Dollar Man, The (TV Series)Six Million Dollar Man, The (TV Series) (1973-1978)
As the quintessential TV action figure of 70s, Steve Austin, Lee Majors was the coolest guy on the planet. The show ran for eight years until…
DVD $39.95 $29.95 (Season 1 Vol. 1 ~ new)
Whatever Happened  To The Likely Lads? (TV Series)Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads? (TV Series) (1973)
Popular sequel to "The Likely Lads", a hit British sitcom from the partnership of Dick Clement and Ian La Francis of which only nine of those shows…
DVD $15 $11.25 (Very Best Of)
Love Thy Neighbour (TV Series)Love Thy Neighbour (TV Series) (1972)
Devised to defuse some of the racial tension of the day, this controversial 70s Brit sitcom hilariously pits black and white neighbours…
DVD $15 $11.25 (Series 1)
Streets of San Francisco, The (TV Series)Streets of San Francisco, The (TV Series) (1972-1980)
Top–notch 70's crime show with granite–faced veteran Karl Malden and newcomer Michael Douglas sharing the billing with the photogenic and…
DVD $20 $15 (Season 1 Vol 1)
Ellery Queen (TV Series)Ellery Queen (TV Series) (Don't Look Behind You) (1971-1975)
Whodunnit series stars Jim Hutton as a mystery writer whose sleuthing know–how is regularly called upon by his Police Inspector…
DVD $30 $22.50 (as new)
McMillan & Wife (TV Series) McMillan & Wife (TV Series) (1971-1977)
Mild crime series centred on a husband and wife detective team solving crime and bringing felons to justice on the streets of San Francisco. More…
DVD $20 $15 (Season 1)
Persuaders, The (TV Series)Persuaders, The (TV Series) (1971)
Roger Moore and Tony Curtis play a debonair duo who lend their status and charm to dissuade the criminal fraternity. Wonderfully corny. DVD 'Box…
DVD $40 $30 (9-disc set ~ as new)

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