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73 Films.

Roseanne (TV Series)Roseanne (TV Series) (1988-1997)
Bold and iconic TV sitcom which tackled the travails of the working class Connor family in all its unvarnished, difficult and hilarious glory.…
DVD $25 $18.75 (Season 1 ~ near new)
21 Jump Street (TV Series)21 Jump Street (TV Series) (1987-1991)
Iconic, lightly–rendered youth thriller series, in which four young–looking undercover cops infiltrate high schools to expose various…
DVD $15 $11.25 (Season 4)
Father Dowling Mysteries (TV Series)Father Dowling Mysteries (TV Series) (Father Dowling Investigates) (1987)
Soul food for the mystery buff. Steadily paced and written series concerns the crime solving feats of a Chicago Catholic Priest (HAPPY DAYS' Tom…
DVD $20 $15
Tour of Duty (TV Series)Tour of Duty (TV Series) (1987-1988)
A much–admired chronicle of U.S. soldiers grappling with combat, friendship, and ethics in Vietnam. One of several popular Vietnam War…
DVD $25 $18.75 (Season 1)
Yes, Prime Minister (TV Series)Yes, Prime Minister (TV Series) (1986-1987)
The splendid sequel to the much–loved British political satire, with 'Minister' Eddington graduating, much to his surprise, to the top job,…
DVD $20 $15 (Series 1 ~ as new)
Amazing Stories (TV Series)Amazing Stories (TV Series) (Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories) (1985)
Fantasy/supernatural series created by Steven Spielberg in the spirit of the TWILIGHT ZONE, featuring self–contained stories of the macabre and…
DVD $15 $11.25 (Season 1)
Howards' Way (TV Series) Howards' Way (TV Series) (1985-1990)
Cherished Brit drama series centred on a family trying to get by when newly redundant daddy invests his time and money into a dilapidated boatyard.…
DVD $25 $18.75 (Series 1) , $25 $18.75 (Series 3)
MacGyver (TV Series)MacGyver (TV Series) (1985-1992)
One of the 1980s most enduring TV success stories, in which Anderson played a wiry secret agent armed only with his bottomless ingenuity and…
DVD $20 $15 (Season 1) , $30 $22.50 (Season 2) , $30 $22.50 (Season 3)
Airwolf (TV Series)Airwolf (TV Series) (1984-1987)
Eighties television series centered on a high–tech military helicopter and its crew as they undertake various missions of espionage, often with…
DVD $15 $11.25 (Season 3)
Miami Vice (TV Series)Miami Vice (TV Series) (1984)
One of the premiere TV–fantasies of the 1980s – pastel–suited vice–cops Crockett and Tubbs (Don Johnson and Phillip Michael…
DVD $30 $22.50 (Season 1 ~ as new) , $30 $22.50 (Season 2 ~ as new)

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