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Multi-Pack Sale

A very limited series of "as new" movie-packs of mostly out-of-print titles. One copy available of each...

94 Films.

Other Boleyn Girl, TheOther Boleyn Girl, The (2008)
Blue–ribbon adaptation of the best–selling novel by Philippa Gregory, which tells the compulsive true story of sisters Anne and Mary…
DVD $20 $15 (3-Pack w/ Elizabeth + Elizabeth: The Golden Age)
AtonementAtonement (2007)
Keira Knightley and James McAvoy play out a twisted, unrequited wartime love in this Bafta–adorned tragic–romance from the dir. of PRIDE…
DVD $15 $11.25 (2-Pack w/ Pride and Prejudice (2005))
Blood DiamondBlood Diamond (2006)
Robust action film with a political conscience, Leonardo DiCaprio gamely sustains a South African accent and an amoral toughness as a…
DVD $20 $15 (2-Pack w/ The Aviator)
CrankCrank (2006)
Shamelessly adrenalized actioner posits that a professional assassin (Statham) trying to go straight is poisoned by his spiteful employers and will…
DVD $15 $11.25 (2-Pack w/ Chaos)
I Served the King of EnglandI Served the King of England (2006)
Whimsical yet biting Czech farce centres on the exploits of an endearingly opportunistic waiter, whose thrifty wiles propel him into all manner of…
DVD $20 $15 (3-Pack w/ Female Agents & Nina's Journey)
Are We There Yet?Are We There Yet? (2005)
Broad, but essentially successful comedy has a determined Ice–Cube proving to his girlfriend that he is 'child friendly' by transporting her…
DVD $10 $7.50 (2-Pack w/ Are We Done Yet?)
Hustle and FlowHustle and Flow (2005)
A Memphis pimp (Terrence Howard) tries to break out from his scuzzy, middle–aged existence by persuading an old friend (DJ Qualls) to help…
DVD $10 $7.50 (w/ Get Rich or Die Tryin + Tupac Resurrection)
Rumour Has It...Rumour Has It... (2005)
An intriguing meta–Hollywood 'sequel' to THE GRADUATE (1967), in which Aniston plays an unlucky–in–love New Yorker who learns that…
DVD $10 $7.50 (2-Pack w/ Friends With Money)
Chronicles of Riddick, TheChronicles of Riddick, The (2004)
Vin Diesel goes on the run as 'Riddick', the anti–hero of PITCH BLACK, in a far more elaborate space opera based around the evil ambitions of a…
DVD $20 $15 (3-Pack w/ Doom & Pitch Black)
SidewaysSideways (2004)
Reserve quality odd–couple comedy–drama from the consistent talent behind ELECTION and ABOUT SCHMIDT, about two middle–aged friends…
DVD $20 $15 (3 - Pack w/ Little Miss Sunshine + Thank You for Smoking)
ThunderbirdsThunderbirds (2004)
A live–action replay of the classic 60s sci–fi series which bears more relation to generic teen adventure than the spirit of the…
DVD $15 $11.25 (3-Pack w/ Cutthroat Island + Small Soldiers)
Upside of Anger, TheUpside of Anger, The (2004)
After being deserted by her husband, a resentful suburban Mom (Allen) turns to the bottle and the arms of her neighbour (Costner), an…
DVD $10 $7.50 (2-Pack w/ Man About Town)
Astro Boy (TV Series)Astro Boy (TV Series) (2003)
An updated English–language version of the cult 60s TV Series, reprising the jet–powered robot lad and his adventures. Volume 1…
DVD $10 $7.50 (3-Pack w/ Soccer Dog + the Second Jungle Book (1997))
Johnny EnglishJohnny English (2003)
A British spy spoof that through the expertise of Rowan Atkinson holds its own against the more sophisticated AUSTIN POWERS. When the entire…
DVD $20 $15 (5-Pack w/ Blues Brothers, Happy Gilmore, Kindergarten Cop + Fletch)
Mystic RiverMystic River (2003)
Dignified crime thriller shot in unfussy style by old pro Clint Eastwood, this is less thrilling than a reliable entertainment, with the emotional…
DVD $40 $30 (Boxset w/ Flags of Our Fathers, Letters from Iwo Jima, Unforgiven)
xXxxXx (2002)
James Bond made–over for Playstation fans as a triple–strength dose of hi–tech thrills, macho posturing and general…
DVD $10 $7.50 (2-Pack w/ xXx The Next Level)
Crouching Tiger, Hidden DragonCrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)
A fantasy–fuelled, Chinese feudal melodrama laced with jaw–dropping combat sequences (arguably the best ever staged), this represents a…
DVD $10 $7.50 (3-Pack w/ Bulletproof Monk + Replacement Killers)
Final DestinationFinal Destination (2000)
A young man's premonition that his Paris–bound plane of classmates will explode after take–off causes a fall–out of unpredictable…
DVD $20 $15 (2-Pack Final Destination I & II)
GladiatorGladiator (2000)
As good a Roman Sandal epic as ever there was, with a stoic and be–sandalled Russell Crowe refusing to carry over his loyalty to the new…
DVD $15 $11.25 (Pre Owned w/ Robin Hood (2010))
Grinch, TheGrinch, The (2000)
Live–action version of the Dr Seuss classic that does some justice to the anarchic vision of the mean–spirited Grinch, who’s heart is…
DVD $15 $11.25 (3-Pack w/ Help I'm a Fish + Charlotte's Web 2)
Men of HonourMen of Honour (2000)
As a US Navy serviceman in WW2, Cuba Gooding Jnr. overcomes institutionalised racism, then prejudice in another form later in life when he suffers a…
DVD $10 $7.50 (2-Pack w/ Antwone Fisher)
Road to El DoradoRoad to El Dorado (2000)
Prime musical animated adventure from Spielberg's Dreamworks studio, set in 1519 Spain, where con–artist pals Miguel and Tulio escape jail and…
DVD $10 $7.50 (2-Pack w/ Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron)
Hurricane, TheHurricane, The (1999)
Denzel Washington blows up a storm as Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter, a championship boxer unjustly imprisoned in the 1970s for a murder he did not commit.…
DVD $20 $15 (2-disc w/ Training Day)
PaybackPayback (1998)
Mel Gibson gets to behave badly as an indestructible armed robber who gets carried away on a sadistic get–even mission against a crime…
DVD $15 $11.25 (3-Pack w/ Maverick + Conspiracy Theory)
There's Something About MaryThere's Something About Mary (1998)
After the cult classics DUMB AND DUMBER and KINGPIN, the Brothers Farrelly hit the box–office jack–pot by spiking a time–honoured…
DVD $15 $11.25 (3-Pack w/ Dodgeball + Stuck on You)
You've Got MailYou've Got Mail (1998)
The lovable personnel of SLEEPLESS IN SEATLE: Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan and director Nora Ephron, regroup for this 'emotional sequel', with the medium of…
DVD $10 $7.50 (2-Pack w/ City of Angels)
AnacondaAnaconda (1997)
Riverboat excursion through the Amazon proves treacherous for a bunch of wholly unsympathetic stock characters. Among giant man–eating snakes,…
DVD $10 $7.50 (3-Pack w/ Anaconda 2 & 3)
As Good As It GetsAs Good As It Gets (1997)
Obsessive–compulsive Jack Nicholson has his fear and loathing neutered by the straight–shooting solo–Mum waitress, Helen Hunt, in…
DVD $20 $15 (5-Pack w/ Cable Guy, The Longest Yard, Hitch + Anger Management)
BeanBean (1997)
Rowan Atkinson's famous alter–ego gets to prank about in this fish–out–of–water Hollywood comedy but its Atkinson himself who…
DVD $20 $15 (2-Pack w/ Mr. Bean's Holiday)
FlubberFlubber (1997)
Robin Williams again gets the character–chemistry right in a reprise of the classic Absent–Minded Professor, the inadvertent inventor of…
DVD $15 $11.25 (2-Pack w/ The Absent-Minded Professor)
Game, TheGame, The (1997)
Tycoon–loner–who–has–everything Michael Douglas receives a birthday present with a difference – an elaborate 'game'…
DVD $15 $11.25 (5-disc w/ Bourne Identity, The Jackal, Assault on Precinct 13 & Spy Game)
My Best Friend's WeddingMy Best Friend's Wedding (1997)
Comeback hit for Julia Roberts, weds the usual romantic–comic routine with some nice dabs of self–mockery. Julia decides she wants to…
DVD $15 $11.25 (2-Pack w/ Closer)
TitanicTitanic (1997)
Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet cross class lines to consummate their passion just before the iceberg severs the stern from the bow in…
DVD $20 $15 (3-Pack w/ Walk the Line + Moulin Rouge)
Broken ArrowBroken Arrow (1996)
When John Travolta nicks off with a couple of nuclear warheads, its enough to transform his (former) air–force buddy (Christian Slater) into…
DVD $15 $11.25 (3-Pack w/ Rising Sun + Firestorm)
Fan, TheFan, The (1996)
Robert De Niro reprises his trademark psycho–loser schtick, as a rueful, embittered baseball fan who decides to violently 'help out' his…
DVD $10 $7.50 (w/ Money Train + Unstoppable (2004))
Jane Austen Collection, TheJane Austen Collection, The (1996-2007)
Collection of three of Austen's greatest stories; Emma, Northanger Abbey and Mansfield Park, brought to life by prestigious British casts. Emma…
DVD $15 $11.25
NapoleonNapoleon (1996)
Another fancily–monikered dog's tale – this time a labrador pup, complete with Ozzie voiceover, gets to cavort around in the Outback.…
DVD $15 $11.25 (2-Pack w/ Bingo)
Primal FearPrimal Fear (1996)
Hotshot Chicago attorney Richard Gere defends, with difficulty, an altar boy accused of brutally murdering a much–loved archbishop. The…
DVD $15 $11.25 (2-Pack w/ Internal Affairs)
Dunston Checks InDunston Checks In (1995)
A dastardly British jewel thief smuggles his cat–burgling Orangutan into a posh hotel but his plans backfire thanks to a couple of meddling…
DVD $15 $11.25 (5-Pack w/ Bushwhacked, Baby's Day Out, Rusty & The Sandlot)
Net, TheNet, The (1995)
Sandra Bullock gets her well earned first leading role in this techno thriller that cautions the perils of life in the computerised age.
DVD $20 $15 (2-Pack w/ 28 Days ~ as new)
Quick and the Dead, TheQuick and the Dead, The (1995)
A showdown at a gunfighting competition that plays like a cross between a 'Milky Bar' ad and a WWF pro–wrestling rumble. Director Raimi (EVIL…
DVD $15 $11.25 (3-Pack w/ Silverado + Bandidas)
Clear and Present DangerClear and Present Danger (1994)
Vulnerable hero Jack Ryan again in meatier, superior follow–up to PATRIOT GAMES that masterfully stages its action around a credible, complex…
DVD $10 $7.50 (2-Pack w/ The Sum of All Fears)
Little Rascals, TheLittle Rascals, The (1994)
By the numbers update of the Our Gang tele series of yesteryear offers more colour but less laughs than the original. Youngsters, though, will…
DVD $15 $11.25 (3-Pack w/ Harry and the Hendersons + The Borrowers)
Free WillyFree Willy (1993)
Hollywood heart–warmer about a friendship between a 70 pound 12–year–old boy and a 7000 pound Orca whale held captive at an…
DVD $20 $15 (Free Willy 4-Disc Collection)
In the Line of FireIn the Line of Fire (1993)
Clint Eastwood's ageing, guilt–ridden bodyguard plays a dangerous cat–and–mouse game with a chameleonic assassin (John Malkovich)…
DVD $20 $15 (5-Pack w/ Crouching Tiger + Once Upon A Time in Mexico + Bad Boys + Street Fighter)
Sandlot, TheSandlot, The (1993)
High–spirited comedy about a shy fifth–grader who befriends a gang of backyard baseballers. The adventures start when they lose their…
DVD $15 $11.25 (3-Pack w/ The Sandlot 2 & 3)
Secret Garden, TheSecret Garden, The (1993)
A splendid, lavish update of Francis Hodgson Burnett's beloved classic in which a troubled orphan visits her domineering aunt's mansion, befriends…
DVD $25 $18.75 (3-Disc w/ Black Beauty + A Little Princess)
A Few Good MenA Few Good Men (1992)
Tom Cruise portrays another upstart lawyer brat who is called to defend the alleged murderers of a fellow army cadet. Blame soon veers to the very…
DVD $15 $11.25 (2-disc w/ Jerry Maguire)
Under SiegeUnder Siege (1992)
Block–buster breakthrough for Seagal – he plays the ship's cook who turns into a human Swiss army–knife when Tommy Lee Jones attempts…
DVD $15 $11.25 (2-Pack / Under Siege 2)
Hot Shots!Hot Shots! (1991-1993)
Jim Abrahams gains reprieve from the Zucker brothers to make his own blockbuster spoof in the tradition of their FLYING HIGH and NAKED GUN…
DVD $15 $11.25 (2-Pack w/ Hots Shots II)
Last Boy Scout, TheLast Boy Scout, The (1991)
Willis and Wayans team as the wise–cracking 'good' guys in another bloody buddy–cop outing from the LETHAL WEAPON/DIE HARD team.
DVD $15 $11.25 (3-Pack w/ Glimmer Man + The Rookie)
Bird On a WireBird On a Wire (1990)
Mel Gibson plays a protected witness who is wanted by some nasty crooks for putting them behind bars.
DVD $10 $7.50 (2-pack w/ Housesitter)
Death WarrantDeath Warrant (1990)
The muscles from Brussels does it again and goes undercover in a penitentiary to find out who's been topping inmates. 
DVD $10 $7.50 (3-pack w/ Double Impact + Maximum Risk)
Honey, I Shrunk the KidsHoney, I Shrunk the Kids (1989)
An inventor inadvertently reduces his and the neighbour's kids to a grasshopper's knee–height. With the help of FX wizardry, they fend for…
DVD $15 $11.25 (3-Pack w/ Honey I Blew up the Kid, Honey We Shrunk Ourselves)
ParenthoodParenthood (1989)
An effervescent and poignant comedy about the trials and tribulations of family life. An impressive ensemble cast headed by Steve Martin provide…
DVD $15 $11.25 (3-Pack w/ Housesitter + Bowfinger)
Tango and CashTango and Cash (1989)
Enjoyable buddy–cop caper with Stallone and Russell as rugged, competitive partners with a sense of humour.
DVD $15 $11.25 (2-Pack w/ Tequila Sunrise)
Married to the MobMarried to the Mob (1988)
Michelle Pfeiffer becomes involved with Dean Stockwell, Matthew Modine and a comically dicey mafia plot.
DVD $20 $15 (5-Pack w/ Three Amigos, Cadillac Man, Men at Work & Throw Momma From the Train)
Tequila SunriseTequila Sunrise (1988)
Wandering yet amiable thriller replicates the trashy romanticism of Old Hollywood, with drug–dealer Mel Gibson trying to go straight under the…
DVD $15 $11.25 (3-Pack w/ Tango & Cash + Executive Decision)
InnerspaceInnerspace (1987)
The premise of FANTSTIC VOYAGE is comically reworked with a vastly different plotline involving a miniaturized Dennis Quaid is inadvertently injected…
DVD $20 $15 (3-Pack w/ Risky Business + Night Shift)
American Tail, AnAmerican Tail, An (1986)
A Russian mouse called Fievel emigrates to America to escape cat persecution, but loses his parents in the stormy boat trip. This enchanting animated…
DVD $15 $11.25 (3-Pack: American Tail 1-3)
FXFX (F/X) (1986)
Some ingenious set pieces and explosive effects highlight this superior action–suspenser. An FX expert is employed to fake the death of a VIP,…
DVD $15 $11.25 (2-Pack w/ FX2)
Howard the DuckHoward the Duck (1986)
An H–Bomb of interstellar proportions, this George Lucus produced quack–job starred a dwarf–sized humanoid duck, sent to earth to…
DVD $15 $11.25 (3-Pack w/ Super Mario Bros + Bustin' Loose)
Out of AfricaOut of Africa (1985)
Epic, elegant retelling of Karen Blixen's African memoirs. Winner of seven Oscars including Best Picture.
DVD $20 $15 (5-Pack w/ Pride & Prejudice, Shakespeare in Love, Far & Away + Evening )
FlashdanceFlashdance (1983)
Glossy mid 80s musical has Jennifer Beals holding down the day–job as a welder, so as to realise her dreams dancing to hits like Flashdance and…
DVD $20 $15 (2-Pack w/ Footloose)
Merry Christmas, Mr. LawrenceMerry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (1983)
David Bowie endures the hardships of a Japanese POW camp in WWII. Stylish melodrama, memorably scored by Ryuichi Sakamoto.
DVD $10 $7.50 (3-Pack w/ To Hell and Back + Attack Force Z)
ScarfaceScarface (1983)
Sweat–breakingly violent portrait of a contemporary mobster with Pacino in top gear as the ruthless megalomaniac. Stunning, if you can hack…
DVD $20 $10 (2-Pack w/ Casino)
War GamesWar Games (1983)
One of the best movies about computer hacking, is a highly effective comedy–thriller, with child–star Matthew Broderick accessing an…
DVD $15 $11.25 (2-Pack w/ War Games - The Dead Code)
AnnieAnnie (1982)
Rumbunctious Broadway musical, set in the Depression–era, follows the young moptop's orphanage experiences, and fateful encounter with…
DVD $20 $15 (5-Pack w/ Napoleon, Stuart Little, Bingo, Soccer Dog)
Fast Times at Ridgemont HighFast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)
This early–80s teen pic survives a lot better than most, finding surprisingly subtle shades of the adolescent experience amid some frank…
DVD $25 $20 (5-Pack w/ Dazed & Confused, Half-Baked, How High & Mallrats)
Secret of Nimh, TheSecret of Nimh, The (1982)
The best of Don Bluth's animated features, about a widowed field mouse who faces the impending threats of man and nature. Help is sought through a…
DVD $20 $15 (5-Pack w/ Secret of Nimh 2, Care Bears Movie, Tom Sawyer, Babes in Toyland)
OutlandOutland (1981)
Enjoyable outer–space remake of High Noon with Sean Connery as an ass–kicking 21st Century marshall determined to rid the planet of…
DVD $15 $11.25 (2-Pack w/ Just Cause)
Porky'sPorky's (1981)
ANIMAL HOUSE retread with juvenile male high–jinx on college campus. Massive hit is testament to the adage that no–one ever went broke…
DVD $15 $11.25 (2-Pack w/ Bachelor Party)
Blue LagoonBlue Lagoon (1980)
Pubescent curiosity in which a young Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins take biology lessons from Mother Nature after they are stranded on a…
DVD $20 $15 (2-Pack w/ Return to the Blue Lagoon)
Jerk, TheJerk, The (1980)
Classic debut for Steve Martin as a hayseed inventor raised in the bayou.
DVD $20 $15 (5-Pack w/ Parenthood, Housesitter, Lonely Guy + Bowfinger )
Richard Pryor - Gene Wilder Collector's PackRichard Pryor - Gene Wilder Collector's Pack (Stir Crazy, Another You, See No Evil Hear No Evil) (1980-1991)
DVD $15 $11.25
Animal HouseAnimal House (1979)
National Lampoon's frat–house classic with a grossly hilarious Belushi.
DVD $20 $15 (3-Pack w/ The Blues Brothers & Continental Divide)
Eric Sykes CollectionEric Sykes Collection (The Plank, Rhubarb Rhubarb!, It's Your Move, Mr H. Is Late, The Big Freeze, The Eric Sykes Show, The Likes of Sykes) (1979-1993)
A ridiculously long list of British comic talent star in these slapstick masterpieces from the 1970s and 80s, all of which are virtually dialogue…
DVD $20 $15 (3-Pack w/ Benny Hill's New York + Tommy Cooper Comedy Classics)
Gray Lady DownGray Lady Down (1978)
Corny–but–entertaining disaster flick sees Charlton Heston play a nuclear submarine captain stuck with his crew on the precipice of an…
DVD $15 $11.25 (5-Pack w/ Ruby, Love & Rage, Dead in the Water + Stick)
Watership DownWatership Down (1978)
A family of rabbits escape impending threats of nature and make a perilous journey in search of a tranquil burrow. Adapted from Richard Adams'…
DVD $20 $15 (3-Pack w/ The BFG + The Bear)
GreaseGrease (1977)
Musical sensation set in a 1950s high–school was a box–office phenomenon, now an enduring classic. John Travolta, Olivia…
DVD $20 $15 (3-Pack w/ Footloose & Flashdance)
Smokey and the BanditSmokey and the Bandit (1977)
Influential action–comedy rides shotgun with trucking good ol’ boys Burt Reynolds and Jerry Reed, trying to out–race sheriff Jackie…
DVD $20 $15 (3-Pack w/ Smokey and the Bandit 2 & 3)
Logan's RunLogan's Run (1976)
Enjoyable escapism set in an idyllic 23rd Century society where no–one is allowed to live beyond 30! Lurex clad twenty–somethings Michael…
DVD $35 $26.25 (3-Pack w/ Forbidden Planet & The Island)
Day of the JackalDay of the Jackal (1973)
Taut, clinical adaptation of Frederick Forsyth's best–seller with Edward Fox as the icy hit–man who meticulously prepares for the…
DVD $15 $11.25 (2-Pacl w/ 'The Jackal')
High Plains DrifterHigh Plains Drifter (1973)
A spooked town enlist Clint Eastwood's mystical bounty–hunter. A self–conscious hybrid of many sources, Clint brings the drama an…
DVD $20 $15 (5-Pack w/ Winchester 73, Rooster Cogburn, Night Passage + Joe Kidd)
Tora! Tora! Tora!Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970)
Elaborate account of events that led to the bombing of Pearl Harbour, told from both American and Japanese veiwpoints. Explosive finale.
DVD $25 $18.75 (Mutipack With Patton and The Longest Day)
Please Don't Eat the DaisiesPlease Don't Eat the Daisies (1960)
NY critic David Niven, wife Doris Day and their gaggle of kids (plus pet sheepdog) are an unstoppable hurricane of cheer and frivolous good humour,…
DVD $15 $11.25 (2-Pack w/ The Glass Bottom Boat)
Man of the WestMan of the West (1958)
Gary Cooper stars in this battle of nerves as a former gunman forced by his old gang to engage in their criminal activity. Solid, intelligent film…
DVD $20 $15 (5-Pack w/ Red River, Vera Cruz, The Kentuckian, The Indian Fighter)
Sinbad Collector's EditionSinbad Collector's Edition (Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, Golden Voyage of Sinbad, Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger) (1958-1977)
DVD $20 $15
Desperate Hours, TheDesperate Hours, The (1955)
A bunch of escaped convicts, led by Bogart, hold a family hostage in this domestic noir thriller based on the Broadway play by Joseph Hayes.…
DVD $15 $11.25 (2-Pack w/ We're No Angels)
Mister RobertsMister Roberts (1955)
Naval officer Henry Fonda yearns for combat but instead must tolerate his eccentric captain (James Cagney). Jack Lemmon won an Oscar for his funny…
DVD $20 $15 (4-Pack w/ The Sea Chase, The Green Berets + Across the Pacific)
Hans Christian AndersenHans Christian Andersen (1952)
A fabricated musical 'biopic' of the famed 19th century Danish fairytale writer, sees him (played by Danny Kaye) smile through a succession of…
DVD $20 $15 (5-Pack w/ Fluke, Getting Even With Dad, Good Boy & Namu)
Mildred PierceMildred Pierce (1945)
Joan Crawford won an Oscar for her career–defining role as a stoical housewife–turned–waitress who finds success in business, but…
DVD $35 $26.25 (4-Pack w/ Grand Hotel, Possessed & Baby Jane [R2])
Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, TheLife and Death of Colonel Blimp, The (1943)
The numerous off–beat adventures of a British soldier are chronicled over a period of three wars, with Deborah Kerr playing all three of the…
DVD $25 $12.50 (3-Pk w/ Secret Mission & Day Will Dawn)
Winchester 73 / Shenandoah / Bend of the River (Triple Feature)Winchester 73 / Shenandoah / Bend of the River (Triple Feature)
Three films packaged together at a special price (see individual listings for details and specs).
DVD $20 $15

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