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Pearce’s Film Reviews

86 Films have been rated or reviewed by Pearce.

Josie and the PussycatsJosie and the Pussycats (2001)
4 stars (Very Good) This funny & subversive satire on media manipulation and product placement got a hostile reception from the entertainment press so out of proportion to the actual movie, I have to wonder if they struck too close to home.
DVD $19.95
Woman, TheWoman, The (2011)
3 stars (Good Enough) Extreme horror that attempts a faminist viewpoint but fumbles the execution. Good lead performances, awkward filmmaking.
DVD $14.95 | Blu-Ray $19.95
MayMay (2002)Recommended
4 stars (Very Good) An uneven effort redeemed by a spellbinding lead performance, this promised better things from the director and star that sadly never materialised.
Jennifer's BodyJennifer's Body (2009)
4 stars (Very Good) Striking and unconventional feminist horror movie that was received poorly by people who clearly expected something else.
DVD $39.95 | Blu-Ray $49.95
Sucker PunchSucker Punch (2011)
2 stars (Good Try) What happens with an action director with nothing much on their mind decides they're an auteur and makes a personal indulgence? I guess this.
DVD $15 $11.25
Dawn of the DeadDawn of the Dead (Zombies, Dawn of the Dead) (1979)Aro Favourite
5 stars (Exceptional) This global pandemic sucks, let's go live at the mall.
Lair of the White WormLair of the White Worm (1988)Aro Favourite
5 stars (Exceptional) Common wisdom says that a film adaptation of a novel never improves on its source. Here's a big exception, an outrageously inventive movie based on an extremely dull book.
DVD $20 $15
Whisperer in Darkness, TheWhisperer in Darkness, The (2011)Recommended
2 stars (Good Try) The switch from their superior, silent Call of Cthulhu to this sound movie reveals the limitations of the amateur actors involved. The addition to the climax was a bad idea. Good effort though.
Ouija: Origin of EvilOuija: Origin of Evil (2016)
4 stars (Very Good) Great period detail including digitally adding cigarette burns to make it look like a 35mm print, fine performances (especially from young Lulu Wilson), probably the best officially licensed movie based on a board game to date.
Under the Silver LakeUnder the Silver Lake (2018)
4 stars (Very Good) Some movies are mysteries. This one is a code cracker. If you solve the t–shirt with the circles on it at the start, you're on your way.
DVD $24.95

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