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Sandy’s Film Reviews

About me: John OShea at the Onslow College Film Club helped open my eyes to quality movies in the early 60s. Since then I was a regular at the Auckland Film Festival and later the Wellington Film Festival from 1983. My taste is very wide; currently documentaries (truth is very edgy), including blues music & other popular genres. Great films seen include the Iranian film The Separation and Marcel Ophuls Memory of Justice...and many more!

633 Films have been rated or reviewed by Sandy.

BuoyancyBuoyancy (2019)
4 stars (Very Good) Convincing depiction of widespread slavery in fishing, even in NZ. Anyone thinking that slavery was abolished in 1834 should read the true facts; there are more slaves today than ever before in history and they are cheaper, priced at $50 ea.
Non-FictionNon-Fiction (Non Fiction) (2018)
4 stars (Very Good) Brilliant fast–paced film with rather rapid French subtitles; unusual and very good.
DVD $29.95
Meeting GorbachevMeeting Gorbachev (2018)Recommended
5 stars (Exceptional) Extremely intelligent film. Herzog asks penetrating questions & gets answers which are worth pondering. Gorbachev's loneliness following the early death of his wife Raisa are moving. He was one of the most progressive politicians of the 20thC.
Tell It To The BeesTell It To The Bees (2018)
4 stars (Very Good) Nicely done Scottish film of the 1950s. Subtle, with a profound edge. A beautiful film in many ways. Maybe NZ was more progressive, but I knew lots of women in Lesbian relationships in these years and few/no eyebrows were raised here. Terrific acting.
DVD $24.95
Jo-Jo RabbitJo-Jo Rabbit (JoJo Rabbit) (2019)Aro Favourite
2 stars (Good Try) Rather lightweight!
DVD $24.95 | Blu-Ray $29.95, $49.95
For SamaFor Sama (2019)Recommended
5 stars (Exceptional) Best doco on the Syrian tragedy. These gentle, kind & brave men & women kept this secret hospital open during 4 years of intense bombing. Personal, intimate and real; as are the people of Aleppo. I love their loyalty to this city, the world's oldest.
DVD $24.95
Suzi QSuzi Q (2019)Recommended
4 stars (Very Good) Australian biopic of a nice woman, born Detroit, but unpopular in USA. Amazing footage as a teen with her sisters' band, then London to find a glam–rock producer. Leather & a bass guitar. Inspired Joan Jett, who also appears. Still alive, still playing.
DVD $34.95
Pick of the LitterPick of the Litter (2018)Aro Favourite
2 stars (Good Try) Interesting, and great camera–work.
DVD $29.95
Official SecretsOfficial Secrets (2019)
5 stars (Exceptional) Keira Knightley & Ralph Fiennes are superb in this convincing political thriller. As good or better than Le Carre. Overall powerful and moving with interesting side–pieces on the Press cutting corners & powerful acting by all.
DVD $24.95 | Blu-Ray $29.95
YesterdayYesterday (2019)Recommended
5 stars (Exceptional) Not enough stars! Hilarious, well–acted convincing fun comedy.rnDon't miss the great extra with Richard Curtis & Danny Boyle – a witty & likeable pair. A work of genius!
DVD $24.95 | Blu-Ray $29.95, $49.95

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