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Dr_'n'’s Film Reviews

About me: I like to go deep with images and sound. These audio-visual events in time. I set my screen to B&W and have sharpied a "rule of thirds" grid on the screen (True story).

17 Films have been rated or reviewed by Dr_'n'.

Seaquest DSV (TV Series)Seaquest DSV (TV Series) (1993)
5 stars (Exceptional) Idea–fest on cyber–genetics, "one world government", super–soldiers, psychics, intercontinental trains, deep sea vents energy – later seasons used alien/time travel tropes which alienated some cast, crew, & fans. Great character development & tech savvy
DVD $15 $11.25, $29.95 | Blu-Ray $54.95
Rubbings From A Live Man Rubbings From A Live Man (2008)Aro Favourite
5 stars (Exceptional) A treat for theatre heads! Habicht's (and Broadhead) paracinematic offering as art and archive of Warwick Broadhead's rich history in performance and life. Broadhead holds almost nothing back!
DVD $20 $15, $30
PrometheusPrometheus (2012)Recommended
5 stars (Exceptional) Mystery and goo! A terrific relevant reboot to what burst out of the 1970's by Dan O'Bannon, Ronald Shusett, H.R. Giger and Ridley Scott. Updated with more modern takes on genetic engineering and ancient astronaut theory.
DVD $15 $11.25, $15 $11.25, $39.95
PiPi (1998)Aro Favourite
5 stars (Exceptional) Aronofsky's bare bones catharsis piece "π" confirm's fractal desire of agenda vs truth: "If you know know".
DVD $14.95
BarakaBaraka (1993)Aro Favourite
5 stars (Exceptional) Who would non have this in their all time top five movie list?
Dead ManDead Man (1995)Recommended
5 stars (Exceptional) In magnificent almost silver daguerreotype like black and white kinovistic tones this poetic masterpiece of wild west post–colonial industry–capitalism–fascism death–trip is Jarmusch's watershed accomplishment surely?
DVD $25 $18.75
Grizzly ManGrizzly Man (2005)Aro Favourite
5 stars (Exceptional) Intense almost autistic in delivery kinorama of bears, beaches and blondes. A meaty delight with one of Maestro Herzog's best narration ever.
DVD $15 $11.25
Cell, TheCell, The (2000)Recommended
5 stars (Exceptional) Stylish to the point of inappropriate for subject matter? ...nah! Tarsem Singh's "molecular–psychopera" vision quest here tells a story of itself! Howard Shore's very very hallucinatory score is a treat
DVD $14.95
Fantastic PlanetFantastic Planet (1973)Recommended
5 stars (Exceptional) Dreamy scary think–hole of a real 70's–esque delight. Cult classic maximus!
In the Mouth of Madness (1994)
5 stars (Exceptional) H P Lovecraft meets John Carpenter in 90's multi idea literature–society–simulacra mind–f. What if the Wachowskis remade this?

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