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GenXGirl’s Film Reviews

510 Films have been rated or reviewed by GenXGirl.

Batman: The Dark KnightBatman: The Dark Knight (2008)Recommended
3 stars (Good Enough) Fast–paced super dark modern–day version of Batman – good versus evil – with ultra hi–tech weapons and gadgets, while still managing to delve into the psyche of the characters. Naturally, the late Ledger's crazed performance steals the show.
DVD $14.95
Series 7: The ContendersSeries 7: The Contenders (2000)
2 stars (Good Try) With the rise in popularity of American reality–tv shows, this satire portrays a group of contenders who's mission is to battle it out to the death 'reality–style' with cameras rolling. Clever concept, but unfortunately just didn't deliver.
Wolf CreekWolf Creek (2005)Recommended
1 star (Turkey) Absolutely revolting movie – and to say this was "based on true events" is laughable. Actually started out promising, but gradually deteriorated into a gratuitously violent blood–and–gore yawn fest. Just hidious.
DVD $34.95
Hot FuzzHot Fuzz (2007)Aro Favourite
4 stars (Very Good) An eccentric English village acquire a top city cop, who uncovers there's more to the seemingly sleepy idyllic township. Hilariously original, a very well executed film.
DVD $12.50 $9.40, $14.95, $19.95 | Blu-Ray $29.95
SignsSigns (2002)
1 star (Turkey) A family wake up one morning to find a massive crop circle in their backyard, then discover they're happening world–wide. A case of oh no the world's been invaded by aliens, we're all going to die. Sadly lacking in any substance.
DVD $20 $15
Village, TheVillage, The (2004)
2 stars (Good Try) A 19th–century village live in fear of the terrible creatures that inhabit a surrounding forbidden forest that no–one dares to enter. Not that difficult to guess the rest. Nicely shot film, but lacking in depth and too predictable.
DVD $15 $11.25
Butterfly Effect, TheButterfly Effect, The (2003)
1 star (Turkey) Psychology student discovers by re–reading his childhood journals, he can revisit his past and alter traumatic events and hopefully improve their previously unfortunate outcomes. Utterly ridiculous, a true turkey of a film.
DVD $20 $15
Dark WaterDark Water (2002)Aro Favourite
3 stars (Good Enough) Suspense–filled thriller about a mother and young daughter beginning a new life together. But when they move to a dilapidated and worn apartment, it suddenly takes on a life of its own. Nightmarish and surreal.
DVD $20 $15
BeetlejuiceBeetlejuice (1988)Aro Favourite
4 stars (Very Good) Excellent black comedy about a young couple whose premature death sees them as ghosts in their own New England home, and scaring off the pretentious new owners. Burton's unique visual style and twisted imagination galore.
Practical MagicPractical Magic (1998)
2 stars (Good Try) A couple of sisters embrace their witchcraft heritage to try and break a curse that kills any man that gets close to them. Completely silly.

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