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GenXGirl’s Film Reviews

510 Films have been rated or reviewed by GenXGirl.

Sleepy HollowSleepy Hollow (1999)
3 stars (Good Enough) Turn of the 19th Century stylistic Gothic–like horror about a small town that is plagued by decapitations. Dark and moody, there is perhaps more emphasis on the over all visuals rather than story.
School of RockSchool of Rock (2003)Aro Favourite
4 stars (Very Good) An unemployed wannabe rock–star and slacker fakes it at being a substitute teacher and gives the class an education in rock music they'll never forget. An original and very humerous tribute to the history of rock music.
High HopesHigh Hopes (1989)
4 stars (Very Good) Set during the Thatcher–era of social discontent and political upheaval, this slice–of–life look at a working–class family is both poignantly told and unconventional. Well worth a look.
OmaghOmagh (2004)Recommended
4 stars (Very Good) Compelling & chilling account of Irish separatist group "the Real IRA" who detonated a car bomb in the small town of Omagh claiming the lives of 31 people and injuring hundreds of others. One victim's father becomes an advocate for justice.
Bloody SundayBloody Sunday (2002)Recommended
4 stars (Very Good) A stunning re–creation of events that took place in Northern Ireland, 1972, when British paratroopers opened fire on a peaceful demonstration killing 14 Irish Catholic civil–rights protesters. Exceptionally shot, very powerful realistic imagery.
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Wind That Shakes the Barley, TheWind That Shakes the Barley, The (2006)Recommended
4 stars (Very Good) Gripping drama set during the early days of the Irish Republican Army, it portrays a young man gradually turn from reluctant fighter to single–minded dedication to the cause. Perhaps a little one–sided, but still a powerful and mesmerising film.
Navigators, TheNavigators, The (2001)Recommended
4 stars (Very Good) Centred around a group of very likable railway workers, as their government owned railway company is taken over by a private corporation. Authentic and heartfelt, it addresses the social issues as a result of the cut–throat world of capitalism.
Last Exit to BrooklynLast Exit to Brooklyn (1989)Recommended
5 stars (Exceptional) Set in bleak 50's Brooklyn, this is a gritty film that traces the lives of some rough urban characters. Exceptional performances, it's violent and sexually graphic – there's no hint of Hollywood gloss and sugar–coating here.
Taxi DriverTaxi Driver (1976)Aro Favourite
5 stars (Exceptional) Unforgettable tale about a highly disturbed Vietnam vet turned New York cabbie prowling the streets, on a mission to leave his mark on society. The film that kicked off both De Niro and Foster's successful acting careers. A real classic.
Sex and the City - The MovieSex and the City - The Movie (2008)Recommended
3 stars (Good Enough) Slightly older and wiser, the four have moved on with their lives with the main themes predictably being problems in love, friendship, doing the right thing, and taking chances. Good, but not great, unless you're a die–hard fan.
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