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Bruce Campbell

Director, Actor

Evil Dead, TheEvil Dead, The (1981) Recommended
Dir. Sam Raimi
Feat. Bruce Campbell
Made on a budget of less than $100,000, this explosive splatter movie takes gore to the very limits. Colossal amounts of tomato sauce fill the screen…
Evil Dead 2Evil Dead 2 (1987) Aro Favourite
Dir. Sam Raimi
Feat. Bruce Campbell
Not so much a sequel as a big–budget remake, it's a tour–de–force of slapstick horror with camera theatrics that confirm a major…
Maniac CopManiac Cop (1988)
Dir. William Lustig
Feat. Bruce Campbell
THE EVIL DEAD's Bruce Campbell stars in this violent black comedy about a psycho–killer who masquerades as a policeman.
IntruderIntruder (1989)
Dir. Scott Spiegel
Feat. Elizabeth Cox, Renee Estevez, Dan Hicks
Under–seen late entry from the 80's slasher cycle from EVIL DEAD co–writer Scott Spiegel. A claustrophobic thriller set entirely in a…
Maniac Cop 2Maniac Cop 2 (1990) Recommended
Dir. William Lustig
Feat. Robert Davi, Bruce Campbell, Claudia Christian
Better–than–expected sequel to the enjoyably trashy slasher about an undead police officer who turns serial killer after his own murder.…
Lunatics: A Love StoryLunatics: A Love Story (1991)
Dir. Josh Becker
Feat. Ted Raimi, Deborah Foreman, Bruce Campbell
A Sam Raimi–produced twisted rom–com with brother Ted Raimi as a paranoid, aspiring poet who, after an accidental phone conversation with…
Army of DarknessArmy of Darkness (1992) Recommended
Dir. Sam Raimi
Feat. Bruce Campbell, Embeth Davidtz
Raimi's third 'Evil Dead' movie is an out–and–out Pythonesque comic–fantasy in which the hero, Ash, confronts simpleton locals and…
Adventures of Brisco County Jr., The (TV Series)Adventures of Brisco County Jr., The (TV Series) (1993-1994)
Dir. Bryan Spicer
Feat. Bruce Campbell, Julius Carry, Christian Clemenson
Wacky TV western following a Harvard–educated lawyer–turned–bounty hunter who goes after an outlaw using a range of curiously…
Bubba Ho-TepBubba Ho-Tep (2004) Recommended
Dir. Don Coscarelli
Feat. Bruce Campbell, Ossie Davis
Strangely brilliant horror–satire with an outlandish plot where Elvis Presley (living but aging and impotent) fights the evil of a reincarnated…
Sky HighSky High (2005)
Dir. Mike Mitchell
Feat. Michael Angarano, Kurt Russell, Kelly Preston
Likeable family comedy set in a future where superheroes are trained as teenagers at special schools, such as the 'Sky High' of the title, before…

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