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Michael Hurst


Death Warmed UpDeath Warmed Up (1983)
Dir. David Blyth
Feat. Michael Hurst
Hell–bent on exacting revenge on a loony scientist, Michael Hurst leads his friends to a secret island where toxic abominations run riot. This…
Dangerous OrphansDangerous Orphans (1987)
Dir. John Laing
Feat. Peter Stevens, Michael Hurst, Jennifer Ward-Lealand
Three orphans act on their plan to avenge the death of their father but must undermine an elaborate crime ring to carry it out. With Peter Stevens,…
Footstep Man, TheFootstep Man, The (1992)
Dir. Leon Narbey
Feat. Michael Hurst, Jennifer Ward-Lealand
An ambitious psychological drama about a forlorn sound–effects man who becomes obsessed with the woman in a film he is working on. Technically…
Desperate RemediesDesperate Remedies (1993) Recommended
Dir. Peter Wells, Stewart Main
Feat. Michael Hurst, Cliff Curtis, Kevin Smith
An audacious, decadent soap–opera which proudly flaunts its contempt for traditional local film–making with drugs, kinky sex,…
Typhon's PeopleTyphon's People (1993)
Dir. Yvonne MacKay
Feat. Alfred Molina, Sophie Lee, Michael Hurst
Capable sci–fi thriller, scripted by Margaret Mahy, concerning dodgy genetic–engineering in a remote NZ research station. Stars local…
Hercules and the Amazon WomenHercules and the Amazon Women (1994)
Dir. Bill L. Norton
Feat. Kevin Sorbo, Anthony Quinn, Michael Hurst
Made–for–TV caper has our brawny hero's plans for a wedding celebration come to ruin as he must defend his village against a marauding…
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (TV Series)Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (TV Series) (1995-1999)
Feat. Kevin Sorbo, Michael Hurst
Hugely popular fantasy series starring Kevin Sorbo as the classic half God/half man who travels through a fantastical ancient Greece in search of…
I'll Make You HappyI'll Make You Happy (1998)
Dir. Athina Tsoulis
Feat. Jodie Rimmer, Michael Hurst
A comical hotchpotch set among Auckland's K–Road denizens, featuring Jodie Rimmer as a peppy prositute who plots to rip–off pimp Michael…
Maddigan's Quest (TV Series)Maddigan's Quest (TV Series) (2006)
Feat. Michael Hurst, Timothy Balme, Danielle Cormack
Nicely–produced local series for children – adapted from Margaret Mahy's bestseller – set in a post–technological future…
Tattooist, TheTattooist, The (2007)
Dir. Peter Burger
Feat. Jason Behr, Mia Blake, David Fane
A supernatural thriller that forges the disparate worlds of urban tattoo counter–culture with Samoan cultural taboo, Jason Behr plays an…

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