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tubbs’s Film Reviews

4534 Films have been rated or reviewed by tubbs.

Judge, TheJudge, The (2014)
2 stars (Good Try) I had time to wash the dishes,make the bed and pass out twice.
DVD $39.95 $14.95, $15 | Blu-Ray $44.95 $14.95
HostelHostel (2005)
2 stars (Good Try) Although it is a little better than most it fails to shock as much as it could – fewer horror scenes would have been more effective.
DVD $14.95 | Blu-Ray $19.95
DunkirkDunkirk (2017)Recommended
2 stars (Good Try) Commercial cinema not history – it barely mentions the brave rearguard action to protect the perimeter which enabled so many to escape or why the Germans were so ineffective. The plus is the stunning aerial action produced by the special effects team.
DVD $39.95 | Blu-Ray $44.95, $59.95
Inside I'm DancingInside I'm Dancing (Rory O'Shea Was Here) (2004)Recommended
2 stars (Good Try) The early scenes are the best before the "one joke" scenario wears thin.
MetroMetro (1997)
2 stars (Good Try) It is too long for the material on offer but there is one excellent action scene based around a Frisco cable car.
Ginji The SlasherGinji The Slasher (2003)
2 stars (Good Try) Violent but there is some intelligence in the screenplay.
Fast and the Furious, TheFast and the Furious, The (1954)
2 stars (Good Try) It is one of those hard to dislike films. The later scenes seem a bit rushed and a few corners cut – you get the impression the production was running out of money.
CharadeCharade (1964)Recommended
4 stars (Very Good) Audrey is well cast and so are the supporting players. There are some delightful comedic moments sprinkled throughout the screenplay which although it gets a bit hurried toward the end for the most part is well written. Has a classic theme tune.
DVD $25
Pork PiePork Pie (2017)Aro Favourite
2 stars (Good Try) It follows a successful formula but maybe a shade too long.
DVD $39.95 | Blu-Ray $44.95
ElektraElektra (2005)
2 stars (Good Try) There are a surplus of superheroes but I guess another one won't do any harm. Go girl!
DVD $19.95 | Blu-Ray $29.95

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