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Subgenre Sampler

Martian ChildMartian Child (2007)
Dir. Menno Meyjes
Feat. John Cusack, Joan Cusack, Amanda Peet
Nicely judged performances from a quality cast lend weight to this rather feathery, maudlin tale of a lonely sci–fi author who adopts an…
Seeker, The - The Dark is RisingSeeker, The - The Dark is Rising (2007)
Dir. David L Cunningham
Feat. Alexander Ludwig, Ian McShane, Christopher Eccleston
Choppy big screen adaptation of Susan Cooper's popular children's series, which pits a chosen young boy against Christopher Eccleston, Ian McShane,…
Ben 10: Race Against Time Ben 10: Race Against Time (2006)
Dir. Alex Winter
Feat. Graham Phillips, Lee Majors
Live–action version of the kid's animation phenomenon about a boy wonder with a magic wristwatch who must protect the earth from a space…
Maddigan's Quest (TV Series)Maddigan's Quest (TV Series) (2006)
Feat. Michael Hurst, Timothy Balme, Danielle Cormack
Nicely–produced local series for children – adapted from Margaret Mahy's bestseller – set in a post–technological future…
Tales From EarthseaTales From Earthsea (Gedo senki) (2006)
Dir. Goro Miyazaki
The animated feature debut from Goro Miyazaki, son of Hayao, based on Ursula K Le Guin's popular 'Earthsea' novels, this is a commendable addition to…
Ultimate AvengersUltimate Avengers (2006)
Dir. Bob Richardson
Slim, cheerfully low–grade Marvel animated feature which unites six iconic superheroes (Captain America, The Hulk, etc.) in a fight against…
Zoom - Academy for SuperheroesZoom - Academy for Superheroes (2006)
Dir. Peter Hewitt
Feat. Tim Allen, Courteney Cox, Chevy Chase
Tim Allen plays a has–been caped crusader, recruited in his twilight to train four gifted children with superpowers into a new…
Fantastic FourFantastic Four (2005) Recommended
Dir. Tim Story
Feat. Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans
A surprisingly fetching adaptation of Stan "Spider–man" Lee's tale of a group of astronauts transformed by accidental exposure to cosmic…
RobotsRobots (2005) Recommended
Dir. Chris Wedge, Carlos Saldanha
Set in a future world inhabited totally by robot creatures, this sparky animation from the creators of ICE AGE ratchets through its thriller plot…
Sky HighSky High (2005)
Dir. Mike Mitchell
Feat. Michael Angarano, Kurt Russell, Kelly Preston
Likeable family comedy set in a future where superheroes are trained as teenagers at special schools, such as the 'Sky High' of the title, before…

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