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Dennis Quaid


Breaking AwayBreaking Away (1979) Aro Favourite
Dir. Peter Yates
Feat. Dennis Christopher, Dennis Quaid
Deftly scripted, immensely enjoyable tale of a group of college friends in small town America who have yet to decide what they'll do after graduating…
Long Riders, TheLong Riders, The (1980)
Dir. Walter Hill
Feat. David Carradine, Keith Carradine, Robert Carradine
Sombre treatment of the perennial Jesse James/Cole/Younger–gang saga, starring real–life brothers Carradine, Keach and Quaid, does…
CavemanCaveman (1981)
Dir. Carl Gottlieb
Feat. Ringo Starr, Dennis Quaid, Shelley Long
Stone Age spoof in which a hairy Starr cavorts with various other grunting stars in a distant past ruled by dinosaurs. High quality production and…
BillBill (1981) Recommended
Dir. Anthony Page
Feat. Mickey Rooney, Dennis Quaid
Top–end telemovie with Mickey Rooney as a mentally retarded man struggling to find his place in the world after spending much of his life…
All Night LongAll Night Long (1981)
Dir. Jean-Claude Tramont
Feat. Gene Hackman, Barbra Streisand, Dennis Quaid
Gene Hackman escapes the druggery of family life by shacking up with nutty Barbra Streisand in this uneven screwball comedy. Totally erratic,…
Right Stuff, TheRight Stuff, The (1983) Recommended
Dir. Philip Kaufman
Feat. Dennis Quaid, Ed Harris, Fred Ward
A richly detailed, down–to–earth account of the lives of the first Americans to travel into space. Top ensemble cast.
DreamscapeDreamscape (1984)
Dir. Joseph Ruben
Feat. Dennis Quaid, Max von Sydow, Christopher Plummer
Psychic Dennis Quaid treks through the dreams and nightmares of others, ultimately confronting the nihilistic visions of the President. Works well…
Enemy MineEnemy Mine (1985)
Dir. Wolfgang Petersen
Feat. Dennis Quaid, Louis Jr. Gossett, Brion James
Warmhearted Sci–Fi yarn with two space pilots on opposing sides in an intergalactic war crash landing on a desolate planet, and having to make…
InnerspaceInnerspace (1987) Recommended
Dir. Joe Dante
Feat. Dennis Quaid, Martin Short, Meg Ryan
The premise of FANTSTIC VOYAGE is comically reworked with a vastly different plotline involving a miniaturized Dennis Quaid is inadvertently injected…
Big Easy, TheBig Easy, The (1987) Recommended
Dir. Jim McBride
Feat. Ellen Barkin, Dennis Quaid
Highly enjoyable detective romp with Ellen Barkin and Dennis Quaid providing steamy moments both in and out of bed. A terrific cajun music score…

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