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Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio


Mussolini - The Untold StoryMussolini - The Untold Story (1985)
Dir. William A. Graham
Feat. George C. Scott, Gabriel Byrne, Robert Downey Jnr.
Based on the memoirs of his eldest son this memorable mini–series begins with Mussolini's rise to power in 1922 and follows his political and…
Color of Money, TheColor of Money, The (1986)
Dir. Martin Scorsese
Feat. Tom Cruise, Paul Newman, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
25 years on from the THE HUSTLER, Paul Newman is the tainted ex–pool shark who passes his baton on to rookie Tom Cruise. Unremarkable Scorsese,…
Slamdance (1987)
Dir. Wayne Wang
Feat. Tom Hulce, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Virginia Madsen
Quirky, stylishly–shot thriller, with graphic artist Tom Hulce framed for murder.
Abyss, TheAbyss, The (1989) Recommended
Dir. James Cameron
Feat. Ed Harris, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Michael Biehn
Ed Harris leads a civilian diving team who encounter an alien aquatic species while searching for a lost nuclear submarine. Director James…
Class ActionClass Action (1990)
Dir. Michael Apted
Feat. Gene Hackman, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
A lawyer becomes forced to prosecute a case in which his estranged daughter will act for the defence. Courtroom ethics are violated in style by Gene…
Robin Hood: Prince of ThievesRobin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)
Dir. Kevin Reynolds
Feat. Kevin Costner, Morgan Freeman, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
Lavishly mounted mega–hit. An exhilarating romp through the forests of Sherwood.
White SandsWhite Sands (1992)
Dir. Roger Donaldson
Feat. Willem Dafoe, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Mickey Rourke
When Deputy Willem Dafoe discovers a dead man and half a million bucks, we know something is mighty queer. Enter Mickey Rourke and all is explained.
Consenting AdultsConsenting Adults (1993)
Dir. Alan J. Pakula
Feat. Kevin Kline, Kevin Spacey, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
Kevin Kline becomes spooked by his high–living neighbour (Kevin Spacey) who's into such things as insurance scams and wife–swapping. His…
Two BitsTwo Bits (1995)
Dir. James Foley
Feat. Al Pacino, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
Delicate Depression–era memoir set during the hot Philadelphian summer of 1933, stars Al Pacino as a…
LimboLimbo (1999) Aro Favourite
Dir. John Sayles
Feat. David Strathairn, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
John Sayles, the doyen of American independents, succeeds all Johnny–Come–Lately's with an arresting, multi–layered fable that…

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