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Foreign Cinema

Films from corners of the world where the audio language track or original language track is other than English. English subtitles are customary, and denoted where applicable.

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Quince Tree Sun, TheQuince Tree Sun, The (1991)
Dir. Victor Erice
Feat. Antonio Garcia
Quietly-paced, fascinating semi-documentary about Spanish painter Antonio Garcia and his attempts to capture the effects of light falling on a backyard quince-tree. Beautifully shot, with a gentle good humour that takes considerable pleasure in the minutest operations of the creative mind.
EmaEma (2019)
Dir. Pablo Larrain
Feat. Mariana Di Girolamo, Gael Garcia Bernal, Santiago Cabrera
A bold and distinctive film from director Pablo Larrain (NO), with newcomer Mariana Di Girolamo playing a young dancer who is coping with an adoption gone awry. Her husband, a choreographer played by Larrain regular Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal, is traumatised in his own way, and they are falling apart, but…
Wound, TheWound, The (2017)
Dir. John Trengove
Feat. Nakhane Toure
An unforgettable South African drama following a closeted relationship between two Xhosa men participating in a coming-of-age initiation rite called Ulwaluko. Controversial in South Africa due to its depiction of homosexuality, this is a beguiling film that boldly explores and appreciates nontraditional…
Les MiserablesLes Miserables (2019)
Dir. Ladj Ly
Feat. Damien Bonnard, Alexis Manenti, Djebril Zonga
This impressive feature debut from French director Ladj Ly is set in the French criminal underworld in aftermath of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, when police violence erupted in suburban Paris. Set in Montfermeil, the same troubled area of Paris as the Victor Hugo novel, it follows a corrupt cop who joins an…
Another RoundAnother Round (2020)
Dir. Thomas Vinterberg
Feat. Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Bo Larsen, Magnus Millang
Another cheeky yet bittersweet provocation from Dogme 95 alumni Thomas Vinterberg that won the Oscar for Best International Feature Film. The social contract broken this time is when four jaded high-school teachers test an academic theory that suggests modest inebriation diminishes problems and increases…
Blind ShaftBlind Shaft (2003)
Dir. Yang Li
Feat. Li Yixiang, Wang Shuangbao, Baoqiang Wang
Chinese crime drama set in the brutal world of illegal coal mining. Follows two struggling coal miners who are running a side hustle in which they convince new mining recruits to pose as their relatives, then murder them and extort compensation money from management. An uncompromising portrait of the dark…
Butterfly's TongueButterfly's Tongue (1999)
Dir. Jose Luis Cuerda
Feat. Fernando Fernan Gomez, Manuel Lozano
Heartwarming Spanish coming-of-age drama set in Galicia in 1936. Against the backdrop of the encroaching Spanish Civil War, a shy young boy develops of close relationship with his compassionate teacher, a Republican who is persecuted during the Nationalist uprising. Adapted from three short stories by…