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Foreign Cinema

Films from corners of the world where the audio language track or original language track is other than English. English subtitles are customary, and denoted where applicable.

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Peking Opera BluesPeking Opera Blues (1986)
Dir. Tsui Hark
Feat. Brigitte Lin, Cherie Chung, Sally Yeh
One of prolific Hong Kong director/producer Tsui Hark's most celebrated films is a genre-blending romp set around the Peking Opera in 1913. A satire on "Chinese ignorance of democracy", it places three women at its centre - a patriotic rebel who dresses as a man, a woman in search of a missing box of jewels,…
Il PostoIl Posto (1961)
Dir. Ermanno Olmi
Feat. Loredana Detto, Sandro Panseri
This Italian neo-realist classic is a simply told yet beautiful depiction of a small-town boy whose employment search in Milan lands him on the bottom rung of a faceless corporation but who finds reprieve in the distraction of a fetching young female employee. "A tender coming-of-age story and a sharp…
PolicePolice (1985)
Dir. Maurice Pialat
Feat. Gerard Depardieu, Sophie Marceau, Richard Anconina
Brilliantly idiosyncratic crime thriller co-written by French auteurs Maurice Pialat (who also directs) and Catherine Breillat (A MA SOEUR!), depicting a seedy Parisian criminal underbelly through the eyes of a moody, jaded cop (Gérard Depardieu). Obsessively trying to crack a Tunisian drug ring, his…
We Won't Grow Old TogetherWe Won't Grow Old Together (1972)
Dir. Maurice Pialat
Feat. Marlène Jobert, Jean Yanne, Christine Fabréga
A uniquely disquieting film covering the dissolution of an affair between an aged filmmaker and a much younger secretary, based on French director Maurice Pialat's own novel of the same name. Unflinchingly explores the psyche of an artist adrift in a state of personal stagnation, and the shifting balance…
The Devil, ProbablyThe Devil, Probably (1977)
Dir. Robert Bresson
Feat. Antoine Monnier, Tina Irissari, Henri de Maublanc
Distinctive late-period inclusion into the incredible canon of films from director Robert Bresson (DIARY OF A COUNTRY PRIEST), following a group of youths in the milieu of post-1968 Paris, preoccupying themselves with politics, religion, romance, music, and drugs. Central to the story is a young man who…
Van GoghVan Gogh (1991)
Dir. Maurice Pialat
Feat. Jacques Dutronc
The ultra-naturalistic style of Maurice Pialat may not seem the best choice for a costume drama about probably the most-often filmed painter in history, but the director's eye for the unsensational and low-key pays dividends in this rewarding, occasionally disturbing film.
A Blonde in LoveA Blonde in Love (1965)
Dir. Milos Forman
Feat. Hana Brejchova, Vladimir Pucholt, Vladimir Mensik
This early film from the director of AMADEUS tells the simple story of a young girl's search for a pianist with whom she spent the night. Forman achieves absolute realism with great warmth and humour.

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