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Dinosaur Jr. BUG Live: In the Hands of FansDinosaur Jr. BUG Live: In the Hands of Fans (2011)
Fan–shot record of the reformed alt–legends tearing through their seminal album BUG at a blistering pace featuring plenty of J. Mascis…
Radiohead - The Best OfRadiohead - The Best Of (2008)
Chronological collection of 21 inventive music videos and optical collages of rare singles from the slinking talents of Brit indie–rock kings,…
Nick Cave - The Abattoir Blues TourNick Cave - The Abattoir Blues Tour (2006) Aro Favourite
A maturing Nick Cave and his Bad Seeds captured live at the height of their powers on the celebrated 'Abattoir Blues' tour at London's Brixton…
Franz FerdinandFranz Ferdinand (2005)
Comprehensive live video document of the neo–"new wave" and smartly dressed British band who evoke the danceable rock–electronic sound of…
Guided by Voices - The Electrifying ConclusionGuided by Voices - The Electrifying Conclusion (2005)
A document of surrealistic and imaginative indie–pop band Guided By Voices playing their legendary valedictory show on New Year's Eve 2004.…
Cowboy Junkies - Long Journey Home Cowboy Junkies - Long Journey Home (2004)
Live Liverpool gig from Canadian country / alternative band 'Cowboy Junkies,' performing all their past hits together with more recent songs and…
Sonic Youth - Corporate GhostSonic Youth - Corporate Ghost (2004) Recommended
An excellent compilation of New York band Sonic Youth's music videos from 1990–2002. Known for their intelligent and provocative music, their…
Under Blackpool Lights - The White StripesUnder Blackpool Lights - The White Stripes (2004)
Dir. David Carruthers
Bluesy 'alt' rockers The White Stripes enact their compelling guitar–and–drums sound at The Empress Ballroom, Blackpool. Tracklist: 1.…
Can DVDCan DVD (2003) Recommended
The definitive DVD 'document' on influential German Krautrock band Can, who combined rock and funk rhythms, with intriguing instrumental textures and…
Nine Inch Nails - And All That Could Have BeenNine Inch Nails - And All That Could Have Been (2002)
Live performances of 18 tunes by alternative rock group Nine Inch Nails from their 2000 'Fragility' tour. Band leader Trent Reznor lets his dark soul…
World Shut Your MouthWorld Shut Your Mouth (2002)
A collection of 'alternative' hit songs from late 1970s–80s Great Britain. Introduced by Gary Crowley. Tracklist: 1. The Jam – Going…
Smashing Pumpkins 1991-2000Smashing Pumpkins 1991-2000 (2001)
Dir. Various
Features the following music videos: Siva, Rhinoceros, Cherub Rock, Today, Disarm, Rocket, Bullet With Butterfly Wings, 1979, Zero, Tonight, Tonight,…
Fugazi - Instrument (1999) Recommended
Dir. Jem Cohen, Fugazi
Culled from concert, interview and home footage, this portrayal of fiercely independent rock–bank Fugazi transcends the…
Marilyn Manson (1998)
The sinister goth–metaller does his spooky–schtick across the stadiums of the world in this live compilation. Also contains…
Radiohead - Meeting People Is EasyRadiohead - Meeting People Is Easy (1998) Recommended
Dir. Grant Gee
The album OK COMPUTER took the Oxford quintet into the rock stratosphere, a place where, on this evidence, they'd often rather not be.…
Pop EyedPop Eyed (1997)
Extensive coverage of recent music–videos from current Flying Nun bands. Includes Superette, The Chills, Bike, Garageland etc.
Ritual Habitual - Big Day OutRitual Habitual - Big Day Out (1996)
Dir. Peter Critchley
Celebration of the Antipodean Big Day Out festival in its final year. With performances by overseas acts such as Porno for Pyros, Prodigy and Nick…
P.J. Harvey - Reeling (1993)
Feat. Polly Jean Harvey
Darlings of the indie rock press, Polly Jean Harvey and band, captured on stage and off during her Euro–American tour of 1993.
Cure, The - Picture Show (1991)
Dir. Tim Pope
Subtitled An Improbable Collection, and picking up where Staring at the Sea left off, 10 songs, plus lots of other bits.
Nick Cave - Live At The Paradiso (1991)
Dir. UK, Australia
Feat. Nick Cave
Twelve songs from explosive live act, The Bad Seeds, performed live at the Paradiso club in 1991.
Hunters and Collectors - Collected Works (1990)
Encyclopedic compilation of these long–lived Aussie post–punks, ranging from the weird early stuff to Throw Your Arms Around Me. 17 tracks
Road to God Knows Where, The (1990) Recommended
Dir. Uli M. Schuppel
Feat. Nick Cave
A candid and thorough observation of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds on tour in Europe. Shot in black and white, and although in English it comes…
Sugarcubes (1989)
Compilation of interviews and live performances in London, Alabama and Reykjavik, dating from the Icelandic group's heyday.
It's Clean It Just Looks Dirty (1987)
Dir. Various
Eclectic compilation of 1980s 'alternative' music incl. videos by Husker Du, Diamanda Galas, Einsturzende Neubauten, Swans and Psychic TV among…
Athens, GA - Inside OutAthens, GA - Inside Out (1986)
Dir. Tom Gayton
A likeable survey of the music–scene in Athens, Georgia in its mid–80s heyday when bands like R.E.M. and The B–52s formed the…
Cure, The - Staring at the Sea (1986)
Dir. Tim Pope
Definitive video compile of early Cure videos, ranging from Killing an Arab to Close To Me. 17 songs.
Cabaret Voltaire: Gasoline in Your Eye / CV (1983)
Industrial revolutionists of the musical kind, the U.K. duo provide two compilations of eye–popping visuals, cut–up from a variety of…
Bauhaus - Shadow of Light
Dir. Christopher Collins
Compile of live stuff and videos from these gothic new wavers.
Indie Top Video
Compilation of 14 music clips from alternative rock bands including The Charlatans, Buffalo Tom, Pale Saints, Front 242 and Teenage Fanclub.
No Alternative
Dir. Hal Hartley, Derek Jarman
Feat. Lou Reed
A benefit for AIDS education and relief, indie bands (Smashing Pumpkins, Breeders etc.) and directors (Hal Hartley, Derek Jarman etc.) fuse their…
17–track compilation from New Zealand's Flying Nun records – includes classic clips from Skeptics, NRA, The Gordons, Tall Dwarfs, The…
Snub TV
Highlights from the British alternative rock music programme, featuring interviews and music clips from the likes of The Fall, Tackhead, Happy…
Sonic Youth - Goo
An eleven song video version of the album from New York's godfathers of grunge.
Sonic Youth - Screaming Fields...Sonic Youth - Screaming Fields...
Collection of live material and video 'hits' from their early career, incl. Death Valley 69, Addicted to Love and Teenage Riot.

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