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Subgenre Sampler

Human Centipede 3, TheHuman Centipede 3, The (2015)
Dir. Tom Six
AntichristAntichrist (2009)
Dir. Lars Von Trier
Feat. Willem Dafoe, Charlotte Gainsbourg
Delivering laughter and revulsion in equal measure, Lars von Trier’s hugely controversial psychosexual opus – about a grieving couple who retreat…
Human Centipede, The Human Centipede, The (2009)
Dir. Tom Six
Feat. Dieter Laser, Ashley C. Williams, Ashlynn Yennie
The "mad scientist movie" taken to a perverse extreme with crab–faced Dieter Laser as the gonzo doc delighting in his latest experiment –…
Girl Next Door, TheGirl Next Door, The (2007)
Dir. Gregory Wilson
Feat. Blythe Auffarth, Daniel Manche, Blanche Baker
Sickly torture porn number details the misfortunes of two adolescent girls sent to live with their psychotic aunt after their parents pass…
AuditionAudition (1999) Aro Favourite
Dir. Takashi Miike
Feat. Ryo Ishibashi, Eihi Shiina
An almost–masterpiece of the macabre that sets up and sustains itself brilliantly with a restrained pace and jewel of a premise, then careens…
Henry: Portrait of a Serial KillerHenry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1987) Aro Favourite
Dir. John McNaughton
Feat. Michael Rooker, Tom Towles
Theatrically banned, this uncut version ranks as one of the more unsettling works ever committed to film. In short, a low–budget masterpiece…
New York RipperNew York Ripper (1982)
Dir. Lucio Fulci
Feat. Jack Hedley, Daniela Doria
A sadistic tale from Italian dir. Fulci (THE BEYOND) which concerns a killer roaming New York City and murdering women while babbling like 'Donald…
ManiacManiac (1980)
Dir. William Lustig
Feat. Joe Spinell, Caroline Munro
Notoriousy grisly 1980s "video nasty", featuring Tom Savini effects (inc a very famous head explosion and several scalpings) amid an otherwise…
I Spit On Your GraveI Spit On Your Grave (Day of the Woman, aka I Hate Your Guts) (1978)
Dir. Meir Zarchi
Feat. Camille Keaton, Eron Tabor, Richard Pace
Legendary 1970s video nasty in which a feminist writer (Keaton) holidaying in the countryside is menaced and repeatedly raped by four locals, whom…
Fight For Your LifeFight For Your Life (1977)
Dir. Robert A. Endelson
Feat. William Sanderson, Robert Judd
A racist hillbilly and two sadistic jail–breakers terrorize a black minister and his family, who eventually fight back and take bloody…

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