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fairbrother’s Film Reviews

199 Films have been rated or reviewed by fairbrother.

Most Violent Year, AMost Violent Year, A (2014)Recommended
5 stars (Exceptional) Criminally under–seen. Too low–key for those wanting an outright thriller, perhaps, but a must if you prefer suspense built on credible characters and the incremental raising of stakes. Palpable atmosphere, superb performances.
Sex, Lies and VideotapeSex, Lies and Videotape (1989)Aro Favourite
5 stars (Exceptional) A witty diamond of a script, superbly acted, and realised with a very cool sense of style – the coy restraint of which is perhaps, in retrospect, the sexiest thing about the film. Sundance would never be the same again afterwards.
CandymanCandyman (1992)Recommended
4 stars (Very Good) Works as a literal urban spook flick or as a metaphorical riff on white privilege (and the great American taboo of miscegenation). There maybe imperfections but overall it's a classy, thoughtful, and truly frightening genre gem.
DVD $14.95 | Blu-Ray $19.95
Visit, TheVisit, The (2015)
3 stars (Good Enough) A found footage thriller that, otherwise, avoids gimmickry. The suspense is subtle but well–sustained, leavened with humour, and built around two kids you can root for. Slight but enjoyable, a good "gateway horror" for young viewers.
DVD $34.95 | Blu-Ray $39.95
AuditionAudition (1999)Aro Favourite
5 stars (Exceptional) A wicked dissection of male romantic illusions. Deliberate pacing pays dividends as the story gradually enters feverish nightmare territory. Try to go in blind: love it or hate it, this one's unforgettable, worthy of a 'modern horror classic' rep.
A Dark SongA Dark Song (2017)
3 stars (Good Enough) Oram's performance outshines Walker's, and it could stand to be 15 minutes shorter. On the plus side, it mostly avoids the obvious (the third act turn is a doozy), favouring dread and mystery over easy shocks. Flawed but interesting.
DVD $34.95
Once Upon a Time in AmericaOnce Upon a Time in America (1984)Aro Favourite
4 stars (Very Good) Often overlooked when considering the modern gangster genre – a shame. The four–hour cut is a masterful, if devoutly old–fashioned (and sexist), epic: baroque, melodramatic, and deeply engaging once you surrender.
DVD $10, $25 $18.75
LolitaLolita (1962)Recommended
3 stars (Good Enough) The second half loses steam, Nabokov's script preserving a smidge too much of his novel's narrative sprawl. A too–mature Lo, though well–played by Lyon, is another flaw. But the first half is terrific, a very funny, thematically provocative tragicomedy.
DVD $15 $11.25, $25 $18.75
Only God ForgivesOnly God Forgives (2013)
1 star (Turkey) Refn's cinematography and soundtrack work atmospheric wonders, again, but the story is just sophomoric sadism draped in would–be spiritual angst. Sick, hollow, and pretentious: there's no soul here to forgive.
DVD $14.95 | Blu-Ray $19.95
GoodfellasGoodfellas (1990)Aro Favourite
5 stars (Exceptional) A jukebox musical as tabloid–Americana, a pitch–black comedy of unhinged machismo, and the last word in mob movie drama. The content feels utterly real even as the style consistently dazzles us. Bet you can't just watch it once.
DVD $15 $11.25

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