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A Guide to Member Star-Ratings and Reviews

We invite you to contribute to the AroVideo community by reviewing films that you have seen.

How to Have Your Say

To review films you must have opened a (free) My-Aro account.

  1. Sign in to your My-Aro account.
  2. Choose an Alias.
    Your Alias is the author credit that is shown next to each of your reviews.
    (You only need to choose an Alias the first time you submit a review.)
  3. Find a film that you'd like to rate or review.
  4. Use the "Have Your Say" form to select a star-rating and/or post a 'mini-review' and then 'Save'.

Have your say form.

The 5 Star Rating Guide

You can rate a film using our handy five-star rating scale:

It's not an exact science, but choose the star-rating that best matches your opinion - irony has its place, but not really here.

Writing a Mini-Review

Your mini-review can be up to 255 characters in length - an average paragraph to support your star-rating.

It goes without saying that we expect that your review will be of a good standard. To help others understand your perspective and preferences, find something specific about the film that you liked (or disliked).

There are a few rules around posting mini-reviews, that we've called The Five Commandments:

  1. Thou shalt post a review in the interest of fellow film-lovers and fine film culture.
  2. Thou shalt post a review in the spirit of fun and good vibes.
  3. Thou shalt post a review that is consistent with your star-rating.
  4. Thou shalt refrain from using offensive language. (Leave that to the hack screenwriters.)
  5. Thou shalt refrain from 'heckling' or expressing hostility toward another member.

We reserve the right to edit or delete any user content on the site (although we're sure we'll hardly ever need to).

Rating Reviews

In addition to a star-rating, you can agree/disagree with other member reviews by clicking the 'Like' (thumbs up) or 'Dislike' (thumbs down) icons next to each review.

Rating reviews icons.

Reviewing Your Reviews

To see a list of all the films that you have reviewed, go to 'My Film Reviews'.
(You'll find a link at the top right of all pages.)

Other users can read your reviews by clicking your Alias when it appears next to one of your reviews. Other members can match their tastes to yours, and you can recommended films to your friends by sending them a link to your My Film Reviews page.

Facebook 'Like'

Facebook 'Like' button.

Use the 'Like' button at the bottom of each film page to easily add your favourite films to your Facebook page.

Aro Favourites and Recommendeds

The AroVideo site contains in-house reviews (known as 'Aroview') for thousands of films. We also tag select films with our in-house seal of approval as "Aro Favourite" or "Recommended".

The Aro-rating is complimentary to the star-ratings contributed by you and other members.
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