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Rental DVD Codes

In order to control the international distribution of films, the major Hollywood studios devised a system that divides the globe into six Regions (also called ‘Zones’). New Zealand and Australia have been assigned Region 4 (R4). Only R4 or R0 (no region coding) discs are compatible with all DVD hardware sold in NZ, including computers and gaming consoles.

For DVD rental we offer:

Region Code 1, 2 and 3

We source direct imports from the US, the UK, and other territories where the local Region 4 edition has not been released and is unlikely to be in the near future.

Your DVD hardware will need the necessary specification to play these discs. Region 1 DVDs also require television monitors to be compatible with the NTSC broadcast system.

A ‘multi-zone’ (or ‘region-free’) DVD player can play any DVD on the planet (incl. rental ‘imports’ at AroVideo), irrespective of the country of manufacture.

Find out how to make your DVD player multi-zone capable.

Sales DVD Codes and VHS Formats


New Zealand has been designated Region Code 4, (along with Australia and South America). Thus most DVD products that we offer for sale are:


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