Help Desk [Menu]Using the Checkout

To change Format (e.g. DVD instead of VHS)
Click the Film title to return to the Film screen and select a different format. Return to the Shopping Basket and [Remove] the Film(s) you no longer require.

To order a Film for a specific date (Home-Delivery only)
Complete the ‘Date Required ’ fields when reviewing your Shopping Basket, otherwise expect delivery in 2-3 days.

Orders for weekend viewing must be placed by midday Thursday.

To change the number of items (Sales only)
Enter a number in the ‘Qty ’ field then click [Recalculate].

To remove a Film from your Basket
Click the [Remove] button to the right of the Film.

To change (and recalculate) Shipping
Select a different Shipping destination then click [Recalculate].

[Empty Basket]
This button removes all Films from your Shopping Basket.

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