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Home Delivery Round-Trip Concession Card

Round-Trip Concession Card   $80  Buy
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Round-Trip Concession Card

  • $80.00 (10 films, incl. home delivery)

A simple and cost-efficient way to have quality DVDs delivered to your door.

  • Saves up to 50% off the price of regular, pay-as-you-order courier rentals.
  • All films reduced to one flat rate (including ‘recent releases’).
  • Pay only once for every 10 DVDs ordered.
  • Choose to order one (or more) films at a time.
  • Monitor your trip status through your My-Aro online account.
  • No subscription fees. Pay only for films received.
  • Available to all members (including rural residents).
  • Titles grouped as 2-disc sets (eg. 4-disc TV seasons divided into pairs) count as 1 trip each.

Like a pre-paid bus ticket, the Round-Trip concession card is payable in advance. Once you’ve purchased one, it can be used to rent DVDs for home-delivery on the spot, or at any time within the following 12 months*.

Each time you order a film, a ‘trip’ is deducted from your Round-Trip account until you have used up all 10 trips. You can keep track of how many trips you have left by checking your trip meter which is displayed when logged into your My-Aro account.

*Note: The Round-Trip card is valid for exactly 12 months after the purchase date. The expiry date will also display when logged into your My-Aro account.


In-store New Releases are not available for Home Delivery rental. There is a customary three-month stand-down before these titles become available on the Home Delivery "Recent Releases" page.

Recent Release titles (ie. $8) are no longer available as single item orders, so can only be dispatched with a minimum of two items in the order.

Order a Round-Trip

Simply click the pink [buy] button next to ‘Round-Trip Concession Card’ at the top of this page. This will add the item to your shopping basket. From there you can add films to your basket as well, or if you have finished browsing, click [checkout] to proceed to the online checkout.

Ordering a Round-Trip with Gift Vouchers

If you have been gifted AroVideo gift vouchers and wish to convert them to a Round-Trip rental credits, the same process applies. The only difference is that you choose "Gift Voucher" from the Payment Options, where you enter your Gift Voucher serial number(s). If there is a shortfall in the amount payable, you will need to choose an additional method of payment to cover this.

In-store 10-Trip and Round-Trip compatibility

While a Round-Trip is separate from any in-store 10-trip credits that you may hold, the Round-Trip can be used to pay for in-store pick-ups that have been booked via the website. In this instance, the Round-Trip rate will apply, being 1 trip = 1 film rental.

How to use your Round-Trip

A Round-Trip makes it super fast to order films with the express shopping cart.

Simply add the films(s) you wish to rent to your basket and proceed to the checkout and click the [Send Order] button.

If the number of films you order exceeds the number of your remaining trips, the online checkout will prompt you to either purchase another Round-Trip card or request another method of payment for the ‘standard rental’, plus any delivery fees that may apply.

Same-day Delivery

You can also use your Round-Trip for same day delivery (Wellington CBD only). This service incurs a fee equivalent to one extra ‘trip’, effectively an $8.00 surcharge. For example, a ‘same-day’ delivery of one film will cost 2 ‘trips’, while the ‘same day’ delivery of two films will cost 3 ‘trips’, etc.

VHS Tapes

The Round-Trip has been designed specifically for DVD rentals, though it is still possible to order VHS rentals with a Round-Trip. Due to their extra size and weight, however, we request that members order at least one additional rental item (DVD or VHS) in order for us to reasonably cover the extra freight costs incurred.

It is also recommended that rural members nominate a depot or alternative township address where it is practical.

Nga Taonga & The Roxy Cinema Returns boxes

As a convenient option, Wellington members can return their Home-Delivered films to the drop-box at either Nga Taonga Sound & Vision on the corner of Taranaki and Ghuznee Streets or at the Roxy Cinema in Miramar, however they must be returned inside the return courier or postal envelope provided. The fees and terms of the Round-Trip remain the same, and no rebates are applicable.

More info required?

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