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"As new" rarities

437 Films.

10 Questions for the Dalai Lama10 Questions for the Dalai Lama (2006)
A hopeful and intimate doco of the history and life of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama; includes archival footage of a young Dalai Lama, the…
DVD $20
12 Years a Slave12 Years a Slave (2013)
Steve McQueen (HUNGER, SHAME) directs this powerful historical drama of a free black man from upstate New York who is abducted and sold into slavery.
DVD $20
24 Hour Party People24 Hour Party People (2002)
A serio–comic music industry biopic about one Tony Wilson, founder of the legendary Factory record label and the Hacienda Club, that provides a…
DVD $25 (2-disc set)
42nd Street42nd Street (1933)
The definitive backstage musical, centered around a chorus girl's shot at stardom when the leading lady twists her ankle. Busby Berkeley wrote the…
DVD $20
84 Charing Cross Road84 Charing Cross Road (1987)
Book–loving New Yorker Anne Bancroft corresponds with London bookseller Anthony Hopkins in the decades following WWII, leading to some platonic…
DVD $20 (import)
A Few Good MenA Few Good Men (1992)
Tom Cruise portrays another upstart lawyer brat who is called to defend the alleged murderers of a fellow army cadet. Blame soon veers to the very…
DVD $20
A Star Is BornA Star Is Born (1937)
The first version of this since twice–remade tale of Hollywood tragedy is non–musical, developing a more critical edge to accompany the…
DVD $20
Across the UniverseAcross the Universe (2007)
Thirty–three tunes from the Beatles songbook are excitably re–constituted for this lavish 'jukebox' musical that threads together a story…
DVD $30
Adam's ApplesAdam's Apples (2005)
Roguishly sardonic Danish black comedy about a sanguine country vicar (CASINO ROYALE’s Mikkelsen) who encounters resistance from a neo–Nazi…
DVD $15
African Queen, TheAfrican Queen, The (1951)
A magnificent combination of comedy, character and adventure with odd companions Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn trying to survive each other…
DVD $20
After HoursAfter Hours (1985)
Scorsese picked up Best Director award at Cannes for this brilliant, Kafka–esque black comedy about an ordinary guy's traumatic and bizarre…
DVD $25
Agatha Christie Murder Mystery CollectionAgatha Christie Murder Mystery Collection (Murder on the Orient Express, Death on the Nile, Mirror Crack'd, Evil Under the Sun) (1974-1981)
Four of the best latterday adaptations of mystery–writer Agatha Christie.
DVD $30 (6-disc set incl. Endless Night + bonus doco)
Alexander the GreatAlexander the Great (1956)
Earnest epic follows the life and early death of the Greek warrior who conquered the entire known world. This seismic production has Richard Burton…
DVD $20
AlfieAlfie (1965)
The film that made Michael Caine a household name. His eponymous anti–hero is that of a likely lad who likes to 'ave a go wiv the birds. They…
DVD $20
Alice Doesn't Live Here AnymoreAlice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1974)
Resonant account of a young widow trying to secure self–assurance and financial stability for herself and her pre–teen son. Scorsese's…
DVD $20
Alice's Adventures in WonderlandAlice's Adventures in Wonderland (1972)
Star–packed, centennial adaptation of Lewis Carroll's masterpiece follows young Alice (Fullerton) down the rabbithole and on to her adventures…
DVD $20
All About EveAll About Eve (1950)
Bette Davis is in her element as ageing Broadway star Margot Channing, under threat of the hidden menace of an ambitious young actress. A scathing…
DVD $20
All About My MotherAll About My Mother (1999)
Almodovar's 'celebration of mother and womanhood' has been hailed as something of a departure for the director, though in fact all of his (beloved)…
DVD $25
AmadeusAmadeus (1984)
Academy–award winning biopic of Mozart's illustrious but brief existence that spawned much of the greatest music ever written. A humourous yet…
DVD $25 (2-Disc Special Ed.)
American GraffitiAmerican Graffiti (1973)
Seminal coming–of–age comedy set in '62 spawned a hit TV show (Happy Days), a mega–selling soundtrack and boosted many careers.
DVD $20, $25 (2-disc w/ More American Graffiti)
An Inconvenient TruthAn Inconvenient Truth (2006)
Stark and compelling warning about the imminent effects of climate change – largely being stoked by carbon emissions from human activities…
DVD $20
Angels with Dirty FacesAngels with Dirty Faces (1938)
Childhood pals Pat O'Brien and James Cagney end up as adult enemies, in the priesthood and underworld respectively. Pleasing mix of comedy and…
DVD $20
Animal CrackersAnimal Crackers (1930)
Pre–Hollywood Marx Brothers, a little stagey yet with a glorious abundance of gags.
DVD $10
Animal FarmAnimal Farm (1999)
George Orwell's classic farmyard yarn (which also happens to be an allegory of the Russian Revolution) brought to life with hi–tech effects a…
DVD $30
Anita O'Day - The Life of a Jazz SingerAnita O'Day - The Life of a Jazz Singer (2007)
Thorough portrait of jazz extraordinaire Anita O'Day, from her emergence amongst luminaries Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday in the 40s, to…
DVD $40
Anna KareninaAnna Karenina (1935)
Leo Tolstoy's heroine is the ideal vehicle for Greta Garbo, luminous amid some of the more extravagant sets MGM ever lavished on a costume drama.
DVD $20
Around the World in 80 Days (TV Series)Around the World in 80 Days (TV Series) (1989)
The first of Michael Palin's successful globe–trotting escapades follows the scheme of Jules Verne's novel – a circumnavigation of the…
DVD $20
AuditionAudition (1999)
An almost–masterpiece of the macabre that sets up and sustains itself brilliantly with a restrained pace and jewel of a premise, then careens…
DVD $25
Austin Powers: International Man of MysteryAustin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)
American cat Mike Myers draws on his predilection for British comedy for this spot–on spy movie satire. He plays both the swinging '60s spy…
DVD $15
Autumn SonataAutumn Sonata (1978)
The resumes of director Bergman and actress Bergman intersect for the first and only time in this, ahem, Bergmanesque (sombre, brutally honest,…
DVD $25
Back of the Y - Masterpiece Television (TV Series)Back of the Y - Masterpiece Television (TV Series) (2001)
Masterfully original TV–trash that follows in the tradition of BAD TASTE, this enacts a satirical reality–TV show of…
DVD $25 (Season 1 & 2)
Bad InfluenceBad Influence (1990)
A shady Rob Lowe encourages mild–mannered yuppie James Spader to liberate himself from polite formality. A nightmarish journey ensues as…
DVD $15
BarakaBaraka (1993)
The cinematographer of KOYAANISQATSI montages gloriously filmed images from around the globe with modern world music and creates more than just an…
DVD $20 (2-disc Edition ~ import)
Battle of BritainBattle of Britain (1969)
Michael Caine and Laurence Olivier head an ensemble cast of British old boys for this extravagant re–enactment of the famous aerial battle that…
DVD $25
Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, TheBeast from 20,000 Fathoms, The (1953)
A–Bomb tests in the Arctic circle unearths an angry giant rhedosaurus! A landmark creature feature, it helped create a genre around experiments…
DVD $10
BecketBecket (1964)
Stinging, fact–based epic turns the trusted relationship between King Henry II (O’Toole) and his best friend, the Archbishop of Canterbury…
DVD $20
Before SunsetBefore Sunset (2004)
Taking up some nine years after their characters met in BEFORE SUNRISE, Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, now in their mid–thirties, reacquaint…
DVD $20
Being ThereBeing There (1980)
A middle–aged gardner, reared in solitude and exclusively educated through his television, is mistaken for a political genius. Profound and…
DVD $25
Belle and SebastianBelle and Sebastian (Belle et Sebastien) (2013)
Stirring big screen adaptation of the much–loved children's book about a six–year–old orphan and his friendship with a wild…
DVD $25
Belle Et La Bete, LaBelle Et La Bete, La (Beauty and the Beast) (1946)
Cocteau brings a fine sense of fantasy to the old fable, creating a luxuriant atmosphere unique to his film–making. A true classic.
DVD $25
Betty BlueBetty Blue (1986)
Beatrice Dalle stars as the ultra crazy and ultra sexy Betty in this lusty, over–the–top drama as only the French aspire to create.…
DVD $25
Big Chill, TheBig Chill, The (1983)
Old friends get together and revisit the 60s in this seminal ensemble piece. Great soundtrack, great cast .
DVD $20
Big Red One, TheBig Red One, The (1980)
The best role in years for Lee Marvin, who plays the intrepid squadron leader of director Sam Fuller's WWII memoirs. Distinctive war film is…
DVD $20
Big Steal, TheBig Steal, The (w/ Illegal) (1949-1955)
On the run after being framed for a payroll robbery, GI Robert Mitchum evades William Bendix, teaming up with Jane Greer enroute to Mexico. Exciting…
DVD $20 (import)
Billy T James - The Legend, The Man, The Cuz Billy T James - The Legend, The Man, The Cuz (2009)
Latest compilation of the most popular sketches from irrepressible comedian Billy T James, including Te News, the Traffic Cop, the Hard Case, the…
DVD $25
Birds, TheBirds, The (1963)
Hitch's masterful rendering of Daphne Du Maurier's novella contains some of his most memorable set pieces, as the population of a seaside resort come…
DVD $20
Black Hawk DownBlack Hawk Down (2001)
Intense, eardrum–battering re–enactment of a street–battle during the US campaign in Mogadishu, Somalia in 1993, painting the…
DVD $15
Black NarcissusBlack Narcissus (1946)
Visually stunning film about a group of nuns who try to establish a mission on a remote Himalayan outpost in the face of formidable conditions. One…
DVD $20
Black SheepBlack Sheep (2006)
A slick splatter–comedy in the Kiwi tradition of BAD TASTE, about a herd of rabid, flesh–eating sheep run amok in rural New…
DVD $25
Blood Feast 2: All You Can EatBlood Feast 2: All You Can Eat (2002)
A surprisingly enjoyable sequel to Lewis's 1963 "classic", this is the director's first movie since 1972's GORE GORE GIRLS. The direction and…
DVD $20
Blow UpBlow Up (1966)
Nothing–is–what–it–seems in this slow yet absorbing account of a fashion photographer's suspicion that he may have witnessed…
DVD $25
Blue LagoonBlue Lagoon (1980)
Pubescent curiosity in which a young Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins take biology lessons from Mother Nature after they are stranded on a…
DVD $25 (Incl. 'Return to Blue Lagoon')
Blue Planet, TheBlue Planet, The (2001)
Breathtaking footage of our planet’s largest feature – the ocean – reveals wondrous worlds within this still almost completely…
DVD $45 (4-disc)
Blue Remembered HillsBlue Remembered Hills (1979)
Acutely observed teleplay from the genius of Dennis Potter: viewed through the prism of adolescence, Potter crafts a dark, elegiac, if always…
DVD $20
Bob Hope Collector Box SetBob Hope Collector Box Set (Road to Singapore, Road to Zanzibar, Road to Morocco, Road to Utopia) (1940-1946)
Droll comedian Bob Hope's four "ROAD TO..." comedies.
DVD $35
Bob RobertsBob Roberts (1992)
Bob Dylan meets Ronald Reagan in this 'Spinal Tap' of politics. Robbins stars in this own scathing send up of the U.S. political system and…
DVD $20
Bon VoyageBon Voyage (2003)
A plushly–mounted, grander–than–life romantic farce from director of "Cyrano De Bergerac". It's June 1940, when a group of…
DVD $20
Bottle ShockBottle Shock (2008)
Lightly farcical take on the true story of how American viticulture pioneer Jim Barrett broke the French domination of premium wine market (esp.…
DVD $20
Boys from Brazil, TheBoys from Brazil, The (1978)
Ira Levin's novel makes for an ingenious if implausible thriller with obsessed Nazi–hunter Laurence Olivier trying to scupper super–Nazi…
DVD $20
Bran Nue DaeBran Nue Dae (Brand New Day) (2009)
Lively comedy adapted from the stage musical that follows a teenage Aborigine who runs away from Catholic boarding school in the mid…
DVD $15
BrasileirinhoBrasileirinho (2005)
Choro is often seen as the Brazilian equivalent of improvisatory jazz, and serves as the foundation for such unique styles like samba and bossa nova…
DVD $15
Brassed OffBrassed Off (1997)
Witty and warm–hearted comedy set in a Yorkshire mining community threatened with closure. Leading the town colliery brass band, Tara…
DVD $20
BrazilBrazil (1985)
Daydreaming bureaucrat Jonathan Pryce becomes unwittingly involved with an underground superhero and a mystery woman before falling victim to his own…
DVD $30
Brief EncounterBrief Encounter (1946)
Beautifully controlled rendering of Noel Coward's touching story about a romance that evolves between two happily married strangers. A much loved…
DVD $20
Bringing Out the DeadBringing Out the Dead (1999)
Drawn from the hell–bent memoirs of a New York ambulance driver, this sees dir. Scorcese returning to home–turf, a script by Paul…
DVD $20
British War DVD Collection, TheBritish War DVD Collection, The (Ice Cold in Alex, The Cruel Sea, The Colditz Story, The Dambusters) (1953-1958)
Four classic British b&w war films beautifully remastered.
DVD $25 (note: "Cruel Sea" is a Region 2 disc)
Broken SilenceBroken Silence (2002)
Five 55–minute films concerning the Holocaust, and its role in the history of five respective countries. 'Some Who Lived' (dir. Puenzo)…
DVD $20
Broken WingsBroken Wings (K’nafayim Shvurot) (2002)
The fraught shuffle of daily life for an Israeli family after the death of the male head of the household, is depicted with touching and intimate…
DVD $20
Brotherhood of the WolfBrotherhood of the Wolf (Le Pacte des Loups) (2001)
A ripping, action–packed 18th century detective story based on the true–life case of the Beast of Gevaudan – a killer or creature who…
DVD $20
Buffalo Bill and the IndiansBuffalo Bill and the Indians (1976)
Off–key satire on 'official' American history, with Paul Newman as the charismatic fraud Bill Hickock, whose Wild West Show toured America in…
DVD $25
Buster Keaton BoxsetBuster Keaton Boxset (1923-1928)
Classic boxset includes four of Buster Keaton's most revered silent comedies: THE GENERAL, STEAMBOAT BILL JR, THE THREE AGES and COLLEGE.
DVD $30
CaddyshackCaddyshack (1980)
Rude and crude golfing hi–jinks, often deliriously funny. Perhaps most famous for the infantile chocolate–bar in the swimming pool scene.
DVD $15
Carnal KnowledgeCarnal Knowledge (1971)
Classic from the early 70s 'zeitgeist', this funny yet sobering film chronicles the sex lives of two disparate men from high–school to…
DVD $15
CasanovaCasanova (1971)
Adventurous Dennis Potter biopic of libertine Casanova, concerned chiefly with his imprisonment and escape from Venice, though not forgetting to shed…
DVD $25
Cat PeopleCat People (1982)
Loose remake of the Val Lewton classic fleshes out the innate connection between human sexuality and animal instinct. Nymphette Nastassja Kinski…
DVD $25
CelebrityCelebrity (1999)
Assembling another largish retinue of actors eager to 'do a Woody', Allen swings his long–lens round onto the world of celebrity…
DVD $20
Chariots of FireChariots of Fire (1981)
Despite all the Oscar glory, this tale of athletic derring–do in Edwardian England is a mostly lame–footed attempt to dramatise the…
DVD $15
Charley VarrickCharley Varrick (1973)
Walter Matthau makes for a fascinating, unconventional armed robber in this punchy heist picture, trademarked by Don Siegel's famously pacey…
DVD $20
Children's Hour, TheChildren's Hour, The (1961)
Good performances from the two leads as lesbian school–teachers who are involved in smalltown scandal when a trouble–making student…
DVD $20
Chimes at MidnightChimes at Midnight (1965)
Orson Welles' late–career masterpiece in which one of the Bard's great supporting characters Falstaff is given his due through a series of…
DVD $25
Chorus Line, AChorus Line, A (1985)
Michael Douglas plays the cantankerous Broadway director in Sir Richard Attenborough's perfunctory adaptation of the highly successful stage musical.…
DVD $25
Cider House Rules, TheCider House Rules, The (1999)
Hard–to–fault adaptation of John Irving's novel set in middle America during WW2 is an old–fashioned rural melodrama bathed in…
DVD $20
Cinema ParadisoCinema Paradiso (1990)
Enchanting, achingly sweet film in which young Toto falls into a lifelong adoration of movies at the village theatre and its grumpy old…
DVD $20 (168m. Version)
Circus, TheCircus, The (1928)
Chaplin's Little Tramp stumbles into a travelling circus where he falls in love and finds work as a circus clown and high–wire artist. Hasn't…
DVD $20 (2-disc Edition)
Cirque du Soleil - AlegriaCirque du Soleil - Alegria (1998)
Filmed live in Sydney in 1999, this Cirque du Soleil production combines their acrobatics, magic tricks and dance elements with a…
DVD $15
Cirque du Soleil - La NoubaCirque du Soleil - La Nouba (2003)
Another astounding stageshow from Canadian troupe Cirque du Soleil, here performing a celebration of hedonism (the title means "to party") at Disney…
DVD $20
Cirque du Soleil - Midnight SunCirque du Soleil - Midnight Sun (2004)
Special 20th Anniversary show for the acrobatic theatre troupe Cirque de Soleil, filmed live at the Montreal Jazz Festival in 2004.
DVD $15
Citizen KaneCitizen Kane (1941)
Orson Welles ground–breaking work chronicles a publishing tycoon's rise to power, told through a reporter's efforts to discover the meaning of…
DVD $15 (import)
City of GodCity of God (Cidade de Deus) (2002)
An incendiary Brazilian drama depicting two decades of blood–drenched rivalry between two youth gangs who control a slum area of Rio De…
DVD $20
Clarence (TV Series)Clarence (TV Series) (1988)
Celebrated British comedian Ronnie Barker's final television creation before retirement, playing a bumbling deliveryman with poor eyesight who his…
DVD $20
ClerksClerks (1993)
Made for $27,000 in the convenience store where the director (then) worked, this follows a rude and bizarre day in the lives of two lowly grocery…
DVD $15
Coal Miner's DaughterCoal Miner's Daughter (1980)
Biopic of country legend Loretta Lynn.
DVD $20
Coco Avant ChanelCoco Avant Chanel (Coco Before Chanel) (2009)
Fittingly stylish and appealing biopic of legendary couturier Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, tracing her early life from the rags of an orphaned childhood…
DVD $20
Comic Genius of Billy T James, The - Legacy EditionComic Genius of Billy T James, The - Legacy Edition (2008)
Must–have DVD & CD collection of Billy T. James Greatest Hits. DVD includes over an hour of newly released material from the TVNZ vaults…
DVD $30
ConfidenceConfidence (2002)
In order to extricate himself from his last botched con, grifter Ed Burns enacts a monster scam against a crooked banker for mobster Dustin…
DVD $10
ConvoyConvoy (1978)
Derived from the eponymous pop anthem, Kris Kristofferson's 'Rubber Duck' musters a band of disgruntled truckees to wage a protest. 
DVD $20
CrashCrash (1996)
Auteur David Cronenberg's latest vision is an anti–fable about accident victims James Spader and Holly Hunter, who become sexually obsessed…
DVD $20
Crouching Tiger, Hidden DragonCrouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)
A fantasy–fuelled, Chinese feudal melodrama laced with jaw–dropping combat sequences (arguably the best ever staged), this represents a…
DVD $15
Cup, TheCup, The (1999)
This charming, slyly comic tale of soccer–mad young monks obsessed with viewing the World Cup has found broad worldwide appreciation with its…
DVD $25
Daisy KenyonDaisy Kenyon (1947)
Joan Crawford gives one of her greatest performances in this surprisingly compelling soap opera, finding herself torn between Fonda and Andrews.…
DVD $15
Damned, TheDamned, The (1968)
Italian dir. Luchino Visconti casts a languorous eye over the decline of a German industrialist family during the Nazi era. Heavyweight cast includes…
DVD $25
Dancer in the DarkDancer in the Dark (2000)
The third successive ‘masterpiece’ from the Danish wunderkind, who has that rare gift of being able to consistently realise the wildly ambitious as…
DVD $20 (import)
Dancer Upstairs, TheDancer Upstairs, The (2002)
John Malkovich debuts as a director with this slow–burn police thriller played out in the humid atmosphere of an unamed South American…
DVD $20
Dances with WolvesDances with Wolves (1990)
Kevin Costner's finest few hours. He plays an estranged cavalry officer who befriends and learns the survivalist culture of the native Sioux. Winner…
DVD $20, $30 (2-disc)
Dark StarDark Star (1974)
Directing debut of Carpenter contains that renegade spirit that is so often lost further down career paths. With ALIEN scribe Dan O'Bannon, he forges…
DVD $20
Day of the Locust, TheDay of the Locust, The (1974)
A decadent, densely–detailed adaptation of Nathaniel West's scalding movie–biz novel of the 1930s that recreates Golden Age Hollywood…
DVD $20
Days of HeavenDays of Heaven (1979)
The mid–western wheat–fields provide a magnificent backdrop for this poignant tale of two disparate bachelors who vie for the same woman.…
DVD $25
Days of Wine and RosesDays of Wine and Roses (1962)
A bittersweet reprise of THE LOST WEEKEND, with PR–expert Jack Lemmon's never–ending round of cocktail parties dragging him and his wife…
DVD $20
De-LovelyDe-Lovely (Delovely) (2004)
Refined and dandy musical biopic of legendary tunesmith Cole Porter, who composed some great music while leading a gay double–life during his…
DVD $25
Dead Girl, TheDead Girl, The (2006)
A superb ensemble cast give rich life to this exceptional drama that interlinks the unsettling stories of five women connected to the discovery of a…
DVD $20
Dead of NightDead of Night (1945)
This model of the horror portmanteau film remains unsurpassed by modern all–comers, with five strong, scary short stories that converge quite…
DVD $25
Dead PresidentsDead Presidents (1995)
The Hughes Brothers follow up MENACE II SOCIETY with a heist movie set in 1970s Harlem. A scarred Vietnam vet fails to adjust to civilian life and is…
DVD $15
Deadly Companions, TheDeadly Companions, The (1961)
Sam Peckinpah's debut film is a typically unorthodox western, that while uneven reveals the quirky characters and emotive nostalgia of his later…
DVD $15
Death of a SalesmanDeath of a Salesman (1966)
A 1966 teleplay adaptation of Arthur Miller's classic Pulitzer Prize–winning play, often thought one of the definitive versions. Lee J Cobb…
DVD $20
Death of a SalesmanDeath of a Salesman (1985)
An excellent adaptation of Arthur Miller’s most famous play, with Dustin Hoffman bringing pathos, seediness and tragedy to the central role. Seen…
DVD $25
Desperately Seeking SusanDesperately Seeking Susan (1985)
Rosanna Arquette and Madonna shine in this spunky and spirited New York comedy/murder mystery – up there with the best of John Hughes' popular…
DVD $20
DinerDiner (1982)
Endearing, and enduring, tale of college friends growing up in the 1950s Baltimore was a box–office flop but soon found an enthusiastic…
DVD $20
Dish, TheDish, The (2000)
Another endearing tale from the creators of much–adored THE CASTLE, based on real events that involved small–town Aussies in the…
DVD $25
District 9District 9 (2009)
Superb sci–fi blockbuster from first–time writer/director Blomkamp, set in an alternate–reality Johannesburg where an…
DVD $20
Doctor Who (TV Series) [Jon Pertwee]Doctor Who (TV Series) [Jon Pertwee] (Dr. Who) (1970-1974)
Jon Pertwee took over from Patrick Troughton as the third and one of the most memorable 'Doctors' in the long–running BBC series. Pertwee…
DVD $15 (Spearhead from Space)
Doctor Who (TV Series) [Tom Baker]Doctor Who (TV Series) [Tom Baker] (Dr. Who) (1975-1981)
Probably the most popular 'Doctor' of the BBC sci–fi series, Tom Baker cut a memorable figure as the woolly–scarfed and energetic…
DVD $15 (Talons of Weng-Chiang)
Doctor ZhivagoDoctor Zhivago (1965)
Omar Sharif plays the Russian doctor exiled for writing poetry during WW1, and separated from his only love. Complex, beautifully conceived epic will…
DVD $25 (2-Disc Special Ed.)
Double Life of VeroniqueDouble Life of Veronique (1991)
An incandescent meditation on the lives of two identical young women – one Polish, one French – both played by Irene Jacob (RED). A…
DVD $25
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1941)
Handsomely produced version of the Robert Louis Stevenson's classic, in which a mild doctor transforms himself by night into a murderous maniac.
DVD $20 (2-disc w/ 1932 Version)
Dresser, TheDresser, The (1983)
Classic backstage tale of the theatre, with an imperious actor–manager (Finney) being pampered and supported by his loyal dresser (Courtenay).…
DVD $20 (import)
Eagle Has Landed, TheEagle Has Landed, The (1977)
German commandos plot to assasinate Winston Churchill in this suspenseful thriller, apparently based on fact. Michael Caine, strangely plausible as a…
DVD $20
Eagle vs SharkEagle vs Shark (2007)
Wearing its Kiwi heart on its sleeve to delightful advantage, Taika Waititi's skewed romantic comedy managed to please a crowd both here and abroad,…
DVD $30
Ed WoodEd Wood (1994)
Tim Burton, the eccentric visionary behind EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, PEE–WEE and BATMAN finds a soul mate in recounting the life of the world's…
DVD $15
Educating RitaEducating Rita (1983)
Satisfying modern take on Pygmalion, with uncultured fair lady Julie Walters and sceptical tutor Michael Caine.
DVD $25
El CidEl Cid (1961)
The tale of the 11th century warrior–king who drove the Moors from Spain. By dint of its fine acting and avoidance of the obvious, this epic…
DVD $15
El MariachiEl Mariachi (1992)
A cause celebre of low–budget film–making, this $7000 Tex–Mex wonder about a guitar–player mistaken for a gangster contains…
DVD $30 (w/ Desperado & Once Upon a Time in Mexico)
El TopoEl Topo (1971)
The first official midnight movie – Jodorowsky's legendary vision is a bonafide 'head' picture (confusing yet stimulating), committing enough…
DVD $30
ElectionElection (1999)
Mid–life crisis intersects with teenage foibles in this cheerily cynical high–school tale for adults, as crumpled teacher Matthew…
DVD $20
Entertainer, TheEntertainer, The (1960)
Laurence Olivier portrays a faded comedian who reflects on his failure as an entertainer and as a man. Another fine example of moody British…
DVD $20
Essential Dennis Potter Box Set, TheEssential Dennis Potter Box Set, The (The Singing Detective, Pennies From Heaven, Casanova, Brimstone and Treacle, Stand Up, Nigel Barton/Vote Vote Vote for Nigel Barton, Blue Remembered Hills, The Mayor of Casterbridge) (1971-1986)
A deluxe boxed set containing eight television series penned by the legendary Dennis Potter. Set includes: The Singing Detective, Pennies From…
DVD $20 (Blue Remembered Hills) , $20 (Brimstone & Treacle) , $20 (Casanova) , $20 (Mayor of Casterbridge)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindEternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
A miraculous, complex 'domestic fantasy' from the twin genius of writer Charlie Kaufman and director Michel Gondry, who find a satisfying narrative…
DVD $20
Event HorizonEvent Horizon (1997)
This sleek monstrosity is worth a look for some reasonably scary special effects or if you just want reminding of what a masterpiece ALIEN really is.…
DVD $15
Everything is IlluminatedEverything is Illuminated (2005)
An ambitious debut for dir. Schreiber, telling the deadpan, yet wistful tale of an earnest NYC Jew (Wood) who travels to the Ukraine to find the…
DVD $15
ExtremitiesExtremities (1986)
Notoriously violent drama concerns a rape–victim who turns the tables on her attacker when he returns to torment her. Something of a 'cause…
DVD $15
Far From HeavenFar From Heaven (2002)
An exquisitely designed pastiche of 50s soap opera that mimics the look and acting style of vintage–movie melodrama but cleverly deviates by…
DVD $20
Farewell My ConcubineFarewell My Concubine (1993)
Lavish, episodic journey through 20th Century Chinese history, encompassing more revolutions than a 45. Joint winner of the Palm D'Or at Cannes is…
DVD $25
FargoFargo (1996)
The gifted Coen Brothers cross two of their previous treasures – RAISING ARIZONA and BLOOD SIMPLE for this lovingly mocking tale of insurance…
DVD $20
FatelessFateless (Sorstalanság) (2005)
Harrowing and distilled vision of the Holocaust adapted from a novel by concentration–camp survivor and Nobel prize–winning author Imre…
DVD $25
Fellini SatyriconFellini Satyricon (1970)
Freely adapted from the Roman author Petronious, this follows the adventures of two bisexual youths through the decadent, fragmented age of Rome's…
DVD $25
Fellini's CasanovaFellini's Casanova (1976)
Fellini indulges himself just short of self–parody for a gorgeously stylised, absurdist revision of the life of the 18th Century lover. Donald…
DVD $20
Female Convict Scorpion: Jailhouse 41Female Convict Scorpion: Jailhouse 41 (1972)
A classic of Japanese 70s exploitation cinema, this charts the grim road to freedom for a gaggle of women escaped–convicts with a feverish…
DVD $25 (import)
Fiddler On the RoofFiddler On the Roof (1971)
Epic folk tale of community survival is given a vivid musical setting, as a Jewish family travel from pre–revolutionary Ukraine to America in…
DVD $20 (import)
Field, TheField, The (1990)
Another sombre gem from the MY LEFT FOOT team. Richard Harris plays an aging Irish land–lubber whose life–long devotion to cultivating…
DVD $15
Finding NeverlandFinding Neverland (2004)
Impressive journey into the private life of Edwardian 'Peter Pan'–creator JM Barrie (played by Depp), and the unique circumstances in which he…
DVD $20
First Deadly Sin, TheFirst Deadly Sin, The (1980)
Probably Ol' Blue Eyes' last decent film, giving an understated, effective performance as a pressured NYC detective hunting a serial killer and…
DVD $15
FitzcarraldoFitzcarraldo (1982)
Colonialist visionary Klaus Kinski attempts to haul a huge riverboat over a hill in 19th century S. America with the help of Indian…
DVD $30
Four Seasons, TheFour Seasons, The (1981)
Inspired by the theme and format of SAME TIME, NEXT YEAR, Alda wrote and directed this grown–up comedy in which three wealthy,…
DVD $20
FreaksFreaks (1932)
The only film in history to exploit real–life 'mutants' is actually a sensitive and fascinating piece of cinema history. Perhaps misunderstood…
DVD $20
French Connection, TheFrench Connection, The (1971)
An influential crime picture based on the largest narcotics seizure of all time. Won the Oscar for Best Picture for its realistic portrait of New…
DVD $20 (2-Disc Special Ed.)
French Lieutenant's WomanFrench Lieutenant's Woman (1981)
Meryl Streep and Jeremy Irons star in an elegant portrayal of secretive affairs and social strictures. Screenplay by Harold Pinter.
DVD $20 (import)
FridaFrida (2002)
Long awaited biopic of the celebrated 20th–century Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, whose troubled marriage to Diego Riviera and crippling injuries…
DVD $25
Fried Green TomatoesFried Green Tomatoes (1991)
Kathy Bates strikes up a friendship with Jessica Tandy who waxes nostalgic about a pair of Southern belles who triumphed over adversity in the '30s.…
DVD $25
From Here to EternityFrom Here to Eternity (1953)
Frank Sinatra established himself an actor alongside Burt Lancaster in this account of life at a Honolulu barracks at the time of Pearl Harbour.…
DVD $20
Fugitive Kind, TheFugitive Kind, The (1959)
A directionless, but quirky version of Tennesse Williams' play 'Orpheus Descending' with Brando playing a troublesome hobo who spreads romantic…
DVD $20
Funeral in BerlinFuneral in Berlin (1966)
Sequel to THE IPCRESS FILE again features Michael Caine as the Harry Palmer, hero of Len Deighton's novel series. This time the espionage functionary…
DVD $25
GandhiGandhi (1982)
Epic retelling of the life of the inspirational Indian leader with Ben Kingsley as 'The Mahatma'. Won eight Academy Awards including Best Picture.
DVD $20
Get RealGet Real (1998)
This British tale of a teen schoolboy's frustratingly closeted affair with the athletic head boy of his high school makes the grade to appeal to…
DVD $35
Getaway, TheGetaway, The (1972)
Husband–and–wife crime team Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw have a nightmare of a time escaping to Mexico after a botched bank robbery. …
DVD $20
Ghost WorldGhost World (2001)
Nothing to do with the paranormal, but everything to do with the anti–normal, this independent gem is a surprisingly endearing tale of two…
DVD $20 (import)
GiantGiant (1956)
A beautifully conceived saga of life on a Texas cattle ranch told through two generations. James Dean's final performance.
DVD $20
Gift, TheGift, The (2000)
Rivalling THE SIXTH SENSE among latterday supernatural thrillers and with a pedigree to boast of, this eerie tale of smalltown ghosts and secrets is…
DVD $15
Girl on a MotorcycleGirl on a Motorcycle (1968)
Straight out of the late 60s ethos of freedom, rebellion, psychedelics and women’s liberation, a leather–clad Marianne Faithful speeds away…
DVD $20
Giuseppe Verdi's Rigoletto StoryGiuseppe Verdi's Rigoletto Story (2004)
A boldly imaginative version (with costumes by Vivienne Westwood) of Verdi's famous opera, concerning a court jester in 16th century Italy who seeks…
DVD $20
GladiatorGladiator (2000)
As good a Roman Sandal epic as ever there was, with a stoic and be–sandalled Russell Crowe refusing to carry over his loyalty to the new…
DVD $20 (3-Disc Special Edition)
Gleaners and I, TheGleaners and I, The (2000)
A widely–admired work by the godmother of French film, which essays the wastefulness of western society through a clutch of interviews with…
DVD $40
Glengarry Glen RossGlengarry Glen Ross (1992)
Gripping transposition of David Mamet's savage stageplay about ruthless real estate salesmen who reel under a do–or–die sales ultimatum.…
DVD $20
Gloomy SundayGloomy Sunday (Ein Lied Von Liebe Und Tod) (1999)
Captivating drama which pivots around the apocryphal origins of the classic melancholy song 'Gloomy Sunday' in pre–WW2 Budapest. An amiably…
DVD $40 (rare)
Good Night, and Good LuckGood Night, and Good Luck (2004)
An astutely–judged freezeframe of an important symbolic moment in 20th century American history, when CBS television presenter Edward Murrow…
DVD $20
Graduate, TheGraduate, The (1967)
An endearing Dustin Hoffman in his first leading role, is seduced by a middle–aged woman and then falls in love with her daughter. A brilliant…
DVD $20
Great Dictator, TheGreat Dictator, The (1940)
Chaplin's brave subversive satire in which he inhabits dual roles – dictator Adenoid Hynkle and a Jewish barber – for his damning…
DVD $30 (2-Disc Special Ed.)
Great ExpectationsGreat Expectations (1946)
Esteemed treatment of Charles Dickens' classic novel about a young orphan aided by a mysterious benefactor brought major international success to the…
DVD $20
Grey GardensGrey Gardens (1976)
An intimate portrait of acute eccentricity, this offers a ‘home movie’–style insight into the lives of colourful high–society…
DVD $50 (2-disc w/ Beales of Grey Gardens)
Grifters, TheGrifters, The (1990)
Small time con–artists Anjelica Huston, John Cusack and Annette Bening cross paths but come to discover little honour among thieves. A quirky,…
DVD $25
Grosse Pointe BlankGrosse Pointe Blank (1997)
Sporting a sideways sense of humour, this sardonic comedy has likeable, babbling hitman John Cusack shyly fronting up to his 10–year highschool…
DVD $25
Growing Up OnlineGrowing Up Online (2008)
From the American public affairs series FRONTLINE comes this doco probing into the world of cyber–savvy teens, and the pressures that accompany…
DVD $20
GummoGummo (1998)
The writer of KIDS turns the camera on his hometown, Xenia, Ohio, selectively seeking out the disenfranchised, the bored and the ugly to distinctive…
DVD $25
Hail The Conquering HeroHail The Conquering Hero (1944)
Crazed comedy from dir. Sturges, with Bracken starring as a WW2 soldier, who never actually saw any action because of his hay fever, but who upon…
DVD $20
Happy GilmoreHappy Gilmore (1996)
After a couple of false strokes, standup humourist hits par with this golfing comedy, playing a teenage sociopath–cum–golf natural, who…
DVD $15
Hard CandyHard Candy (2005)
Unflinchingly dark and slickly impressive thriller proceeds from the chatroom flirtations between a precocious teenager (Page) and a…
DVD $15
Harold Lloyd Collection, The Harold Lloyd Collection, The (The Definitive Collection) (1919-1936)
Ample remastered collection from the versatile and much–loved silent era comedian. A visual feast for fans of the silent movie era and the…
DVD $80 (7-disc US Edition)
HeartburnHeartburn (1986)
Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson undergo some engaging marital strife.
DVD $20
HeartlandsHeartlands (2002)
Charming and bittersweet 'hero's journey' in which a bumbling darts enthusiast embarks on a trip across the British Midlands on his scooter, in…
DVD $20 (import)
Heaven Can WaitHeaven Can Wait (1978)
Amiable remake of HERE COMES MR JORDAN, with footballer Warren Beatty called to heaven before his time, then returned to earth as another man. The…
DVD $20
Hell's AngelsHell's Angels (1930)
Still highly watchable, this early sound feature financed and 'directed' by the notorious Howard Hughes, boosts its melodramatic story of WWI heroics…
DVD $15
HeroHero (2002)
Though no doubt diminished on the small screen, this ancient Martial Arts spectacle from the dir. of RAISE THE RED…
DVD $15
High NoonHigh Noon (1952)
Retiring marshal Gary Cooper faces a crisis of conscience when he learns an old adversary wants revenge. A classic that derives its impact through…
DVD $20
Hilary and JackieHilary and Jackie (1998)
Musical biopic buoyed by a quite fascinating subject – prodigious English Cellist Jacqueline Du Pre – adapted from the controversial…
DVD $20
HombreHombre (1966)
Paul Newman portrays the sombre hombre, a white man brought up by the Apache, who helps the red–neck passengers of an ambushed stagecoach.…
DVD $15
HoneyHoney (Bal) (2008)
A gorgeous, contemplative coming–of–age tale, centred on a young boy and his father, a rural beekeeper, in an idyllic mountainous region…
DVD $20
House of GamesHouse of Games (1987)
Psychiatrist Lindsay Crouse is lured into the world of charming con–racketeer Joe Mantegna, where trust is a fragile concept. David Mamet…
DVD $20
How the West Was WonHow the West Was Won (1962)
The history of the West through three generations, with three directors each contributing an instalment. Headed by a cast to match its ambitions and…
DVD $20
How to Marry a MillionaireHow to Marry a Millionaire (1953)
An extravagent, cheery comedy with a trio of sexy opportunists who collectively devise schemes to entrap well–to–do bachelors.
DVD $20
HowlHowl (2010)
A fitting celebration and account of the making and hostile reception of Allen Ginsberg's famously controversial poem, with James Franco superb as…
DVD $20
Hurricane, TheHurricane, The (1999)
Denzel Washington blows up a storm as Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter, a championship boxer unjustly imprisoned in the 1970s for a murder he did not commit.…
DVD $25 (2-disc w/ Million Dollar Baby)
I Am LegendI Am Legend (2007)
In the post–apocalyptic ruins of New York City, Will Smith is the (seemingly) sole survivor of a mutant cancer vaccine gone bung, which has…
DVD $15
I ConfessI Confess (1953)
Striking Wellesian cinematography and an excellent performance by proto–Method actor Montgomery Clift more than make up for minor shortcomings…
DVD $20
I Don't Want to Sleep AloneI Don't Want to Sleep Alone (2006)
This achingly serene, Kuala Lumpur–set fable is one of Tsai Ming–liang’s best, starring his alter ego Lee Kang–sheng as a comatose…
DVD $20
Importance of Being EarnestImportance of Being Earnest (1952)
Screen version of Oscar Wilde's brilliant comedy of manners starring a host of British stage thesps.
DVD $15
In Treatment (TV Series)In Treatment (TV Series) (2008)
Superlative character driven HBO series starring Gabriel Byrne as a self–doubting psychotherapist, who seeks help from his old therapist, whom…
DVD $40 (Season 1 ~ 9 disc)
InsignificanceInsignificance (1985)
Curious chamber piece intriguingly posits Joe DiMaggio, Marilyn Monroe, Joseph McCarthy and Albert Einstein as characters who meet in a hotel room in…
DVD $20
Into the StormInto the Storm (2009)
Enthralling sequel to HBO's acclaimed THE GATHERING STORM focuses on Winston Churchill's challenging term as Prime Minister during the war, followed…
DVD $20
It Came from Outer SpaceIt Came from Outer Space (1953)
A spaceship crash lands in the Arizona desert (where else?), causing friction between mild–mannered scientist Richard Carlson and the more…
DVD $15
JabberwockyJabberwocky (1977)
Monty Python's Lewis Carroll–inspired medieval farce with Michael Palin in the lead.
DVD $20
JazzJazz (2001)
Sprawling and absorbing documentary series from the maker of THE CIVIL WAR, charting the rising star of jazz during the 20th century, with an…
DVD $70
Jazz On a Summer's DayJazz On a Summer's Day (1959)
The definitive jazz concert film, shot at the Newport Festival in 1958 captures the sights and sounds and buzz of another time and place as well as…
DVD $25
Jolson Story, The / Jolson Sings AgainJolson Story, The / Jolson Sings Again (1946)
An American success story in song, accomplished biography traces the career of mammy–singing Al Jolson. Larry Parks offers a flawless…
DVD $20
Jonathan Livingston SeagullJonathan Livingston Seagull (1973)
Unique attempt at adapting the seagulls–POV bestselling book. Music by Neil Diamond.
DVD $15
Kama SutraKama Sutra (1996)
The director of SALAAM BOMBAY returns to her native land for this enticing, beautifully photographed tale of love, jealousy and revenge among the…
DVD $20
Killer Elite, TheKiller Elite, The (1975)
Minor Peckinpah shoot–em–up with mercenary Duvall double–crossing partner Caan. Gripping finale, though.
DVD $15
King of Comedy, TheKing of Comedy, The (1982)
Deliciously creepy story of a loser/nerd, who acts out his life ambition; to appear on a TV comedy show with Jerry Lewis. Lewis plays it straight,…
DVD $20
KolyaKolya (1996)
A beautifully sentimental Oscar winner for Best Foreign film – set during the 1988 Russian occupation of Czechoslovakia, when a…
DVD $30
L'AppartementL'Appartement (The Apartment) (1995)
Chic Parisian thriller lifts a few motifs from VERTIGO, but adds more than a few original flourishes. Vincent Cassel is about to settle down with…
DVD $20
La StradaLa Strada (The Road) (1955)
Fellini hit his stride and won a Foreign Film Oscar with this gentle road odyssey about a simple–minded clown whose loyalty to her boorish…
DVD $30
Ladykillers, TheLadykillers, The (1955)
Priceless Ealing black comedy in which bungling robbers Alec Guinness, Peter Sellers et al conspire to snuff out their rich old landlady.
DVD $20
Last King of Scotland, TheLast King of Scotland, The (2007)
A riveting tale of the seductive nature of power, this is worth the admission alone for Forest Whitaker’s astonishing Oscar–winning turn as…
DVD $20
Last Train HomeLast Train Home (2009)
A startling and vivid humanist documentary on China's ceaseless industrial growth, centred on one couple who make the annual migration from city to…
DVD $35
Last Tycoon, TheLast Tycoon, The (1976)
Star–studded attempt to adapt F. Scott Fitzgerald's unfinished last novel, itself based on the life of early Hollywood mogul Irving Thalberg.…
DVD $20
Laurel and Hardy Collection, TheLaurel and Hardy Collection, The (The Bullfighters; The Dancing Masters; Great Guns; A-Haunting We Will Go; The Big Noise; Jitterbugs) (1941-1945)
Six late–period comedy gems from Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, available to buy as a box–set or for rental as separate titles. Great…
DVD $40
Lavender Hill Mob, TheLavender Hill Mob, The (1951)
Clever, effervescent Ealing comedy stars Alec Guinness as a timid bank teller who organises an elaborate gold heist. The chase finale is magic.
DVD $25 (2-disc w/- The Ladykillers)
Layer CakeLayer Cake (2004)
A harder–edged version of Britcrime from the LOCK STOCK stable, this has Daniel Craig playing a cocaine dealer on the verge of retirement,…
DVD $15
Le MansLe Mans (1971)
A motor–racing action film that has attracted a considerable cult, in part based on star Steve McQueen himself laying rubber in most of the…
DVD $20
League of Gentlemen, TheLeague of Gentlemen, The (1960)
A high–class league of British actor gents – Jack Hawkins, Richard Attenborough, Bryan Forbes, Roger Livesy and others – conspire…
DVD $15
Let's SayLet's Say (On dirait que... ) (2007)
A sweetly humble documentary in the vein of ETRE ET AVOIR, involving a group of French kids aged 8–13 asked to portray their parents’ jobs and…
DVD $25
Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, TheLife and Death of Colonel Blimp, The (1943)
The numerous off–beat adventures of a British soldier are chronicled over a period of three wars, with Deborah Kerr playing all three of the…
DVD $15
Life and Legacy of Spike Milligan, TheLife and Legacy of Spike Milligan, The (I Told You I Was Ill) (2002)
A live tribute to the genius of British comedian Spike Milligan, devised by the BBC 6 months after his death. Features performances and readings of…
DVD $20
Lightning in a BottleLightning in a Bottle (2004)
An effectively simple '12–bar' account of the now–famous Radio City Music Hall concert in 2003 which brought together an unprecedented…
DVD $20 (import)
Lions for LambsLions for Lambs (2007)
A contemporary 'hot potato' issue is tackled from political, academic, militaristic and journalistic viewpoints, drawing an ultimately powerful…
DVD $20
Little CaesarLittle Caesar (1930)
Star–making debut for Edward G Robinson as a bullying, Al Capone–style hood, whose unscrupulous methods land him the top job. Like most…
DVD $20
Little WomenLittle Women (1933)
Constantly enjoyable version of Louisa Alcott's novel about four sisters and their mother coping while their father fights in the Civil War. Splendid…
DVD $20
Living in OblivionLiving in Oblivion (1996)
Another low–budget gem from the director of JOHNNY SUEDE, this time a deliriously cheeky backhander aimed at various icons of the indie film…
DVD $20
Living ProofLiving Proof (2008)
Harry Connick Jnr plays a doctor fighting to get approval for his revolutionary breast–cancer drug in this surprisingly riveting…
DVD $20
Long Good Friday, TheLong Good Friday, The (1980)
Electrifying, influential account of hoodlum rivalry in contemporary London with Bob Hoskins and Helen Mirren matching an intelligent, gritty script.
DVD $25
Long Walk Home, TheLong Walk Home, The (1991)
Set in 1955 Alabama during the civil rights bus boycott, this portrays the impact of change on two families, with Sissy Spacek as an uppercrust…
DVD $30
Long Way Round (TV Series)Long Way Round (TV Series) (2004)
An engrossing 'reality' show which tags along with actor Ewan McGregor (TRAINSPOTTING) and his best friend Charley Boorman on an improvised…
DVD $30
Look Back in AngerLook Back in Anger (1958)
Richard Burton plays the angry–young–man to the hilt in this grimly realistic slice of British life in the '50s. Based on John Osborne's…
DVD $20
Lords of Flatbush, TheLords of Flatbush, The (1974)
Boasting early appearances for various stars–in–waiting, this is an affectionate view of the rites–of–passage for members of…
DVD $15
Los OlvidadosLos Olvidados (The Young and the Damned, aka The Forgotten Ones) (1950)
Ground–breaking masterwork from dir. Luis Bunuel's Meixcan period, set among slum children in Mexico City, whose harsh circumstances and…
DVD $30
Lost Weekend, TheLost Weekend, The (1945)
Would–be novelist Ray Milland's personal frustrations bring on a three day drinking binge of desperate, terrifying proportions. Laced with a…
DVD $20
Love BirdsLove Birds (2011)
Chirpy, engaging Kiwi comedy with Rhys Darby as a recently jilted council worker whose nursing of a wounded duck leads to unexpected romance with…
DVD $20
Lust for LifeLust for Life (1955)
Kirk Douglas makes a stirring, enthusiastic Van Gogh in this biopic, choosing to echo the empassioned melancholia of his work rather than drawing…
DVD $20
Madame BovaryMadame Bovary (2000)
Typically lavish BBC costumer, here tackling Gustave Flaubert's classic French tragi–romance with gusto and explicit sex. Frances O'Connor…
DVD $20
Madame BovaryMadame Bovary (1991)
Chabrol remains faithful to the text of this oft–filmed classic of French literature, with Isabelle Huppert bringing a glacial refinement to…
DVD $25
Maddigan's Quest (TV Series)Maddigan's Quest (TV Series) (2006)
Nicely–produced local series for children – adapted from Margaret Mahy's bestseller – set in a post–technological future…
DVD $25 (Complete Series)
Magical Mystery TourMagical Mystery Tour (1967)
The Beatles take us on a spiritual/musical journey with a distinctly pychedelic ethos. Full of subversive satire that marked many British films of…
DVD $10
Magik and RoseMagik and Rose (2000)
Uplifting comic melodrama set during the Hokitika Wild Food Festival that rises above its familiar story of two women who, in different ways, have…
DVD $25
MagnoliaMagnolia (2000)
A sprawling, stylistically–impressive but moribund domestic melodrama about Californian amorality and redemption (of sorts), with interleaved…
DVD $20
Malcolm XMalcolm X (1993)
Epic bio of the black–American militant from his beginnings as a Harlem crook to his 1965 assassination. Breezes through its length with a…
DVD $20
Mall RatsMall Rats (1995)
A scrubbed–up pseudo–remake of Kevin Smith's own CLERKS, set in a suburban shopping mall. The indie spirit gets buried under all that…
DVD $15
Maltese Falcon, TheMaltese Falcon, The (1941)
A remarkable debut from director Huston hires Bogart's detective Sam Spade to locate a priceless statuette. Prototype film noir based on Dashiell…
DVD $25
Man from Laramie, TheMan from Laramie, The (1955)
An angst–ridden James Stewart seeks retribution on arms dealers whose illegal trade resulted in the ambushing of his brother's cavalry patrol.…
DVD $20
Man On the MoonMan On the Moon (1999)
Mesmerising biopic of the late 'comedian' Andy Kaufman culls its magnificence from an utterly unique, intriguing personality subject and a virtuoso…
DVD $15
Man Who Knew Too Much, TheMan Who Knew Too Much, The (1956)
Hitchcock remakes his 1934 film and generally comes up trumps with James Stewart and Doris Day as the innocent victims of international espionage.…
DVD $20
Man Who Lost His Head, TheMan Who Lost His Head, The (2007)
Martin Clunes plays a museum curator on a New Zealand sojourn, traveling from Britain to the small Maori community of Otakataka appealing the return…
DVD $35
Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, TheMan Who Shot Liberty Valance, The (1962)
A dream cast and director deliver the classic that one would expect. Jimmy Stewart and John Wayne compete for Vera Miles but unite against Lee Marvin…
DVD $20
Man Who Wasn't There, TheMan Who Wasn't There, The (2001)
The Coen Brothers chalk up another film in love with film, an attractive but slender paean to 1950s pulp melodramas, with its nostalgia–soaked…
DVD $20
Marathon ManMarathon Man (1976)
Laurence Olivier and Dustin Hoffman display their thespian prowess in this dark tale of a marathon runner entangled in international espionage. One…
DVD $20
MargotMargot (2005)
Dir. Palmer continues his classic treatments of notable figures of modern ballet and classical music with a lengthy look at the extraordinary life of…
DVD $20
Mark TwainMark Twain (2002)
A popular humorist, philosopher and social satirist, Mark Twain was the well–known nom–de–plume of writer Samuel Clemens, the…
DVD $45
Marx Brothers Collection 2Marx Brothers Collection 2 (The Big Store, Go West, At the Circus, A Day at the Races, A Night at the Opera) (1935-1941)
Five mid–period Marx Brothers comedies in one box set.
DVD $45 (import)
Mataku (TV Series)Mataku (TV Series) (2002-2005)
A well–mounted anthology of contemporary one–off dramas, adapted from the unique and mystical world of Maori supernatural legends. The…
DVD $85 (2-disc set)
MauriceMaurice (1987)
In the face of Edwardian attitudes and noble breeding, two young Englishmen comes to terms with their homosexuality. From E.M. Forster's novel.
DVD $25
Mayor of Casterbridge, TheMayor of Casterbridge, The (1978)
Dennis Potter–scribed Victorian saga sees Alan Bates, battling alcoholism, sell his wife and daughter under the influence, before resolving to…
DVD $20
Mean StreetsMean Streets (1973)
Martin Scorsese made his name with this pungent rendition of NY Italian–Americana set among the teeming lowlife of his old neighbourhood. The…
DVD $25
Mel Brooks Collection, TheMel Brooks Collection, The (Silent Movie, High Anxiety, To Be or Not to Be, 12 Chairs, Young Frankenstein, History of the World Pt 1, Life Stinks) (1974-1991)
Seven classic–period Mel Brooks comedies in one box–set.
DVD $55
MermaidsMermaids (1990)
Cher plays the sexpot mom of square daughter Winona Ryder who aspires to be a nun. Slight but affecting tale set in small town '60s America, with Bob…
DVD $20
Miami BluesMiami Blues (1990)
A psychotic criminal steals a detective's I.D. and proceeds to clean up their 'most wanted' list in this violent comedy.
DVD $15
Midnight RunMidnight Run (1988)
A cleverly plotted non–stop action jaunt across the States with a bounty hunter hired to bring a crooked accountant back to L.A. before the mob…
DVD $20
Mildred PierceMildred Pierce (1945)
Joan Crawford won an Oscar for her career–defining role as a stoical housewife–turned–waitress who finds success in business, but…
DVD $20
Million Dollar BabyMillion Dollar Baby (2004)
Clint Eastwood's straight–ahead drama about a feisty young woman who trains under his grizzled, reluctant coach to become a boxing champion…
DVD $25 (2-disc w/ The Hurricane)
Milou En MaiMilou En Mai (May Fools) (1989)
In May of '68, a rural family gather for the reading of their matriarch's will, an event that will strangely affect their idyllic existence. Stephane…
DVD $30
Misfits, TheMisfits, The (1961)
Stark melodrama was to be the curtain call for both Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe. They are two of a group of cheerless souls roping wild mustangs…
DVD $15
Missouri Breaks, TheMissouri Breaks, The (1976)
Startling 70s Western, pairs regulator Marlon Brando and horse rustler Jack Nicholson for a brutal, yet often comic game of…
DVD $20
Mister RobertsMister Roberts (1955)
Naval officer Henry Fonda yearns for combat but instead must tolerate his eccentric captain (James Cagney). Jack Lemmon won an Oscar for his funny…
DVD $20
Monsoon WeddingMonsoon Wedding (2001)
Exotically charmed with a glamorous cast and a tremendous soundtrack, various members of an extended Indian family busy themselves with the mystery…
DVD $30
Mrs. Caldicot's Cabbage WarMrs. Caldicot's Cabbage War (2000)
Pauline Collins (SHIRLEY VALENTINE) plays an elderly widow who is shunted into a resthome by her money grubbing offspring, who don’t count on her…
DVD $25
Mrs. MiniverMrs. Miniver (1942)
An unabashed patriotic war drama, so effective in that capacity it garnered political commendation as well as six Oscars, including Best Picture and…
DVD $20
Muppet Show, The (TV Series)Muppet Show, The (TV Series) (1976-1981)
Six volumes of inspired puppetry from Jim Henson’s legends: Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gopher, Animal, Gonzo, Fozzie Bear and the rest, beguiling, charming…
DVD $30 (Season 1)
My Best FiendMy Best Fiend (Mein Liebster Feind) (1999)
Werner Herzog’s personal portrait of his friend and famous ‘alter ego’, the late Klaus Kinski, threads together just some of the bizarre incidents…
DVD $20
My Own Private IdahoMy Own Private Idaho (1991)
Melancholic tale imbued with the director's stylistic flair stars Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix as a pair of young hustlers with opposing personal…
DVD $20
Namesake, TheNamesake, The (2006)
Cutting right to the heart of the 'immigrant experience', this outstanding melodrama from the dir. of MONSOON WEDDING beautifully explores the…
DVD $20
Napoleon DynamiteNapoleon Dynamite (2004)
Destined for cult status, this plays like a high school comedy made by its alienated students, with its quirky in–jokes and non–sequiturs…
DVD $20
NashvilleNashville (1975)
An American classic, 70s watermark and widely considered Altman's masterpiece. Story of 24 characters gathered for a political rally in the country…
DVD $35 (import)
Neil Young - JourneysNeil Young - Journeys (2011)
A superb new concert film combining Young's homecoming concert at Toronto’s Massey Hall with intimate glimpses into his travels throughout Canada.
DVD $30
NetworkNetwork (1976)
Explosive drama about an ailing TV station desperate to improve their ratings. Peter Finch won the Best Actor Oscar post–humously as the…
DVD $20
Night and the CityNight and the City (1992)
Robert De Niro stars with Jessica Lange as a two–bit lawyer who struggles to fulfil his aspirations as a boxing promoter. Gritty, realistic Big…
DVD $20
No Way OutNo Way Out (1987)
Hollywood success for expat Kiwi Donaldson. Well–executed conspiracy thriller stars Kevin Costner.
DVD $20
Noi AlbinoiNoi Albinoi (Noi the Albino) (2003)
Distinctive drama about a 'gifted' 17–year–old who rebels against the limits of life in a remote Icelandic town. Brimming with…
DVD $20
North CountryNorth Country (2005)
Fact–based drama about a group of women miners in 1970s Minnesota who endured a hostile work environment, bullying and sexual abuse after…
DVD $25
Not One LessNot One Less (1999)
13–year old peasant–girl Wei Minzhi is handed the responsibility of substitute–teaching a class of children in a rural China…
DVD $15 (import)
Notes on a ScandalNotes on a Scandal (2006)
Authorities Cate Blanchett and Judi Dench go head–to–head in this psychological gambit between a pottery teacher engaged in an illicit…
DVD $15
Nowhere BoyNowhere Boy (2009)
A likeable portrait of John Lennon's pre–Beatles youth in 1950's Liverpool and his emotional tug–of–war with the two maternal…
DVD $20
Ocean's ElevenOcean's Eleven (Ocean's 11) (1960)
The definitive 'Rat Pack' movie, with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jnr., Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop among the eleven confederates who…
DVD $20
Office SpaceOffice Space (1999)
Putting the boot into American office culture, dir. Mike Judge (BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD) inflicts some satisfying damage on the absurdities of the…
DVD $25
Oh! What a Lovely WarOh! What a Lovely War (1969)
Powerful anti–war musical adapted from the play by Charles Chilton, which depicts the mass blunder of WWI through the experiences of the poor…
DVD $20
Orator, TheOrator, The (O le tulafale) (2011)
In this superlative Polynesian drama – the first Samoan language feature film – tradition and modernity collide on the island of Upolu, where a dwarf…
DVD $35
OrpheusOrpheus (Orphee) (1949)
Cocteau's surrealist retelling of the classical tragedy stars Jean Marais as Orphee, the writer who retrieves his wife Eurydice from the dead. A…
DVD $25
Paper, ThePaper, The (1993)
Michael Keaton and Glenn Close clash ethics in the cut–throat world of the New York tabloids. A hectic morality play with pace, humour and…
DVD $20
PapillonPapillon (1973)
Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman escape French prison colony Devil's Island. Memorable drama.
DVD $15
Paris Paris (2008)
A sweet–natured, if rather slight romantic dramedy, weaving in and out of the lives of a diverse set of heart–worn and heart–won…
DVD $20
Passion of Joan of ArcPassion of Joan of Arc (1928)
An intense recreation of Joan of Arc’s trial and sentence that qualifies as one of cinema’s most transcendental achievements. Consisting mainly…
DVD $20
Pennies From Heaven (Mini Series)Pennies From Heaven (Mini Series) (1978)
The original television version of Dennis Potter's acclaimed and much–remembered musical drama, set around philandering sheet–music…
DVD $35
People Vs. Larry Flynt, ThePeople Vs. Larry Flynt, The (1996)
A weighty, colourful biopic of the notorious publisher of 'Hustler' magazine. The 'free speech' debate presides over the issue of pornography, but…
DVD $15
Perfect CreaturePerfect Creature (2006)
Ambitious, well–appointed Gothica set in a retro–alternate Aotearoa, where humans and their highly–evolved vampire colleagues…
DVD $20
PerformancePerformance (1970)
Mick Jagger plays a reclusive rock star in this notorious film that bedazzled an entire hippy generation with its penchant for tits, bums, violence,…
DVD $25
Philadelphia Story, ThePhiladelphia Story, The (1940)
A second marriage for a stuffy heiress is threatened by scandal. A witty, sparkling romantic farce with golden trio – Katharine Hepburn, Cary…
DVD $20
Place in the Sun, APlace in the Sun, A (1951)
Montgomery Clift excels as a penniless youth whose determination to win the heart of socialite Elizabeth Taylor is undermined by tragedy. Painstaking…
DVD $20
PlatoonPlatoon (1986)
This film won the Best Picture Oscar for its compelling and sincere account of the Vietnam, also ushering the era of 1980s film reappraisals of the…
DVD $15
Pocketful of MiraclesPocketful of Miracles (1961)
Frank Capra's final film (and Ann–Margret's debut) is an appealing remake of his earlier LADY FOR A DAY, in which the poverty–stricken…
DVD $20
Poseidon Adventure, ThePoseidon Adventure, The (1972)
One of the better 70s disaster movies has an ocean–liner 'turned turtle' and the survivors trying to find a way out. Often unintentionally…
DVD $20
Postman Always Rings TwicePostman Always Rings Twice (1946)
Steamy film noir with John Garfield and Lana Turner as doomed, murderous lovers.
DVD $20
Practical MagicPractical Magic (1998)
Modern–day witchy women Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman contend with the family curse, whereby their husbands always seem to die (shortly…
DVD $20 (import)
Prestige, ThePrestige, The (2006)
Another astounding feat of storytelling from the dir. of MEMENTO that spins a constantly intriguing yarn of two rival magicians who engage in a…
DVD $20
PricelessPriceless (2006)
Ultra–glamorous French romantic comedy, in which one can gorge on (or gawp at) Riviera culture at its most opulent – the clothes, the…
DVD $20
Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, ThePrivate Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, The (1939)
Bette Davis is perfectly cast as Queen Liz, opposite Errol Flynn. An enjoyable romp.
DVD $15
Prizzi's HonorPrizzi's Honor (1985)
Jack Nicholson plays a Mafia hitman, embroiled in some ripely comic and sexy intrigues.
DVD $20
Proposition, TheProposition, The (2005)
Grimly intense and atmospheric 'Australian Western' – scripted by singer Nick Cave – is set the outback of the 1880s, where lawman Ray…
DVD $25
PsychoPsycho (1960)
Only Mr. Hitchcock could plunder B–movie conventions and turn in the biggest box–office success of his career. A plethora of…
DVD $20
Pursuit of Happyness, ThePursuit of Happyness, The (2006)
Will Smith assumes the inspirational life story of Chris Gardner, a struggling salesman and single father on the poverty line who works his way up…
DVD $20
RayRay (2004)
The life and career of innovative blues–singer Ray Charles (here played by Jamie Foxx) gets epic and reverential treatment in this…
DVD $20
Read My LipsRead My Lips (Sur Mes Levres) (2001)
Sturdy, unconventional French thriller about an insecure, partially–deaf office clerk who tries to help an irascible ex–con integrate…
DVD $20
RebeccaRebecca (1940)
A masterful gothic romance about a nobleman's second wife who becomes haunted by the image of his beloved first. Hitchcock's first American film was…
DVD $15
Rebel Without a CauseRebel Without a Cause (1955)
James Dean's intense portayal of an alienated youth from a wealthy family opened the eyes of a generation and catapulted him to stardom. One of the…
DVD $20
Red Shoes, TheRed Shoes, The (1948)
Beloved dance classic is a strikingly realised story of a young ballerina who, in an echo of the Hans Christian Andersen story, becomes torn between…
DVD $15
Red SonjaRed Sonja (1985)
Unremarkable except for its silliness, this excursion into CONAN territory pits uber–bimbo Nielsen against various diehard villains.…
DVD $15
Remember the TitansRemember the Titans (2000)
Racial integration law forces an all–white American football team to accept black players and a black coach in 1970s Virginia. Denzel…
DVD $30
ReturnerReturner (2002)
Kitted out with a charismatic cast, CGI–action that delivers, and tongue–lightly–in–cheek, this slick, big–budget…
DVD $20
RififiRififi (1955)
The French reclaim film noir with this methodical and stylish heist movie, famous for its 35 minute real–time bank robbery, executed in virtual…
DVD $35
Right Stuff, TheRight Stuff, The (1983)
A richly detailed, down–to–earth account of the lives of the first Americans to travel into space. Top ensemble cast.
DVD $30 (2-disc Edition)
River's EdgeRiver's Edge (1986)
Terrifying drama about a group of school friends who discover that one of them has murdered a classmate. Major cult film from the '80s with its lurid…
DVD $25
Robe, TheRobe, The (1953)
Richard Burton acquires Jesus' robe after supervising his crucifixion and becomes wreaked with fear and guilt. A lavish biblical epic, the first film…
DVD $20
Robin of Sherwood (TV Series)Robin of Sherwood (TV Series) (1984-1986)
A serious–minded retelling of the 'Robin Hood' legend with Michael Praed playing the handsome 'Robin of Loxley' who copes not only the…
DVD $20 (Series 2) , $20 (Series 3)
Roman Polanski Collection, TheRoman Polanski Collection, The (Knife in the Water, Repulsion, Cul-de-Sac) (1962-1966)
The first three features of the Polish master – "Knife in the Water", "Repulsion" and "Cul–de–Sac".
DVD $40
Romeo and JulietRomeo and Juliet (2013)
A richly imagined, though largely unreliable version of Shakespeare's most quoted play. Set in the authentic setting of Renaissance Verona, this only…
DVD $20
RopeRope (1948)
A perverse comedy about a couple of gay men who murder a friend for the thrill of it, then throw a party with the body hidden in a cabinet. Hitch's…
DVD $20
Rosemary's BabyRosemary's Baby (1968)
First major film to deal with the occult as subject matter has lost little of its potency. The trauma of pregnancy is heightened for Mia Farrow as…
DVD $20
Round MidnightRound Midnight (1986)
In 1950s Paris, a decadent American saxophonist develops a friendship with an appreciative French fan who shows him the virtues of clean living. A…
DVD $25
Royal Tenenbaums, TheRoyal Tenenbaums, The (2001)
Spinning another pathologically eccentric comedy, the dir. of BOTTLE ROCKET and RUSHMORE will either have you declining to be amused or else…
DVD $25 (2-disc Ed.)
Rugby World Cup 2011Rugby World Cup 2011 (2011)
For the diehard All Blacks fan, an official review of the team's 2011 Rugby World Cup triumph. Includes highlight's from the side's epic…
DVD $20
RushmoreRushmore (1998)
Bamboozling minds everywhere is this oblique comedy from Wes Anderson (BOTTLE ROCKET), re–envisioning that Hollywood mainstay, Highschool USA,…
DVD $35
SabrinaSabrina (1996)
Remake of the Hepburn–Bogart classic, the story of the chauffer's daughter who falls for the 'other' guy is tailored for a new generation,…
DVD $15
Saddest Music in the World, TheSaddest Music in the World, The (2003)
Another stunning tableaux from dir. Maddin's ongoing series of fantasies inspired by the musty, spectral qualities of early cinema, this time setting…
DVD $20
Savage Grace Savage Grace (2007)
Featuring another fearless performance from the great Julianne Moore, this takes the family dysfunction drama to a disturbing extreme as it maps the…
DVD $20
Savage HoneymoonSavage Honeymoon (2000)
Uncomplicated domestic comedy about a family of 'Westies' – leather clad, bike–straddling, booze–swilling fun–lovers living…
DVD $25
Scent of a WomanScent of a Woman (1993)
Al Pacino finally method–acts his way to Oscar glory as a blind war veteran who, with the reluctant young chaperone, ventures to New York to…
DVD $15
Science of Sleep, TheScience of Sleep, The (2006)
A delightfully self–conscious, self–indulged fantasy for cine–wizard Michel Gondry, the director's follow–up to ETERNAL…
DVD $20
ScreamScream (1996)
The horror genre gets a long overdue (if tongue–in–cheek) revamp but you needn't be an aficionado to experience the thrill of this…
DVD $20
ScreamersScreamers (1995)
Devastating economic bloc–wars have led to out–of–control self–mutating weaponry – a complex story held together by…
DVD $15
Sea Inside, TheSea Inside, The (Mar Adentro) (2004)
A deserving winner of the Best Foreign Film Academy Award, this outstanding melodrama is based on the unique real–life story of Ramon Sampedro,…
DVD $20 (import)
SecretarySecretary (2002)
A spanking good black comedy detailing the bizarre relationship between a peculiar, ill–tempered lawyer and the meek secretary he…
DVD $30
SeraphineSeraphine (2008)
Intimate, Cesar–winning portrait of troubled French artist Seraphine de Senlis, a little–known painter who worked as an impoverished…
DVD $20
Servant, TheServant, The (1963)
First collaboration between playwright Harold Pinter and dir. Losey is an elegant diagram of English class cruelties, with man–servant Dirk…
DVD $30
SevenSeven (Se7en) (1995)
Director David Fincher imbues the hackneyed serial–killer genre with astonishing directorial flair, while bringing an influential 'underground'…
DVD $15
Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby (TV Series) - Series 1Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby (TV Series) - Series 1 (2005)
Gleefully un–PC series stars David McPhail as an aggressively behind the times 'relief teacher' in a small New Zealand secondary school, whose…
DVD $35
Seven Wonders of the Industrial WorldSeven Wonders of the Industrial World (2004)
Using the propulsive docu–drama style of the BEYOND IMAGINATION series, this illuminates the stories behind seven great achievements of the…
DVD $25
Shadow of a DoubtShadow of a Doubt (1943)
Teenager Teresa Wright is thrilled when relative Joseph Cotten comes to stay, then less so, gradually realising Uncle Charlie may be a psychopathic…
DVD $20
ShenandoahShenandoah (1965)
Moving melodrama in which James Stewart heads a Virginian family deeply affected by the American Civil War. Co–stars Doug 'The 'Virginian'…
DVD $15
Sister ActSister Act (1992)
Whoopi Goldberg cavorts in a convent to evade the nasty boys after witnessing a gangland murder. Good–natured…
DVD $20
SlackerSlacker (1992)
A hugely original and influential film that virtually coined the phrase for young aimless academics of the 1990s. Essentially plotless, it is…
DVD $20
Slap ShotSlap Shot (1977)
Violent ice–hockey scenes jostle with profane humour in this ironic sports–flick based around a failing minor–league team, coached…
DVD $20 (import)
Slumdog MillionaireSlumdog Millionaire (2008)
Exhilarating Oscar winner following the tumultuous life of a Mumbai streetkid who suspiciously triumphs on the Indian version of 'Who Wants To Be A…
DVD $25
SnakeskinSnakeskin (2001)
Searching for a little excitement in those hills due west of Christchurch, NZ, Melanie Lynsky and Dean O’Gorman are sucked into a series of private…
DVD $20
SnatchSnatch (2000)
A LOCK STOCK knock–off by 'im–who–knows–best: the director himself, Guy Ritchie. Like its predecessor, this cockney…
DVD $15
Soldier of FortuneSoldier of Fortune (1955)
Mercenary Clark Gable is recruited to search for Hayward's lost husband in this proficient Hong Kong set thriller. Anti–communist thriller…
DVD $15
SpartacusSpartacus (1960)
First–rate epic details the revolt of the ancient Roman slaves as led by Kirk Douglas in the title role. Production spares little expense but…
DVD $20
Splendour in the GrassSplendour in the Grass (1961)
Smitten teens work up considerable sexual frenzy when their respective families won't let them be together. Appropriately, it's the lurid scenes…
DVD $20 (import)
SpotswoodSpotswood (1991)
Anthony Hopkins plays an efficiency expert hired to overhaul a cottage moccasin factory, and finds himself endeared to the staff.
DVD $25
SpunSpun (2002)
A cinematically exhilarating depiction of existence among a group of methamphetamine (P) addicts in Los Angeles, that is sure to divide audiences as…
DVD $20
Stage FrightStage Fright (1950)
Aspiring actress Jane Wyman investigates her friend's claims of innocence after he's imprisoned for murder. A polished job from Hitch, notable for a…
DVD $20
Starship TroopersStarship Troopers (1997)
ROBOCOP man Verhoeven's 'ironic' take on Robert Heinlein's 1959 novel about a totalitarian future society whose perfectly toned young 'citizens' wage…
DVD $15
StiffStiff (2004)
Superior telemovie adaptation from the popular crime novel series by Shane Maloney, based around a shambling but effective government advisor…
DVD $40 (w/ "The Brush Off ~ 3-disc set)
Still CrazyStill Crazy (1999)
Victims of 70s music–biz burnout, the assorted members of rockers Strange Fruit reform (before they go completely soft) for this ripe satire on…
DVD $25
Sting, TheSting, The (1973)
Classic vehicle for Robert Redford and Paul Newman playing two Depression–era conmen. Winner of seven Oscars including Best Picture. Music by…
DVD $20
Straw DogsStraw Dogs (1971)
With dir. Sam Peckinpah in top form, this powerful study of male territorial instincts pushed out the boundaries of movie violence in the…
DVD $25
SuburbiaSuburbia (Rebel Street's aka: Wild Side) (1983)
Low key yet definitive dramatic portrait of the American punk scene, staged with non–actors as the "T.R. gang" who set up camp in a scuzzy L.A.…
DVD $25 (import)
Sunday Too Far AwaySunday Too Far Away (1975)
One the hidden treasures of 70s Australian cinema, set around a desolate Outback shearing quarters, where Jack Thompson tries to organise the…
DVD $25
Sunset BoulevardSunset Boulevard (1950)
Faded screen vamp Gloria Swanson and screenwriter William Holden exploit each other mercilessly in this searing dissection of Hollywood decadence,…
DVD $25
Sweet Smell of SuccessSweet Smell of Success (1957)
New York–style cynicism reaches its apogee in this bitter pill from the 50s, with press agent Tony Curtis playing self–degrading lapdog…
DVD $20
Tarzan the Ape ManTarzan the Ape Man (1981)
Famously atrocious 1980s retelling of the Tarzan story, with the lone distinction of featuring a semi–clothed Bo Derek. Playing the apeman,…
DVD $15
Tatie DanielleTatie Danielle (1991)
Brilliantly absurd black comedy about an elderly widow who does her best to make life miserable for her relatives. Tsilla Chelton is irresistible as…
DVD $30
That'll Be the DayThat'll Be the Day (1973)
Popstar David Essex plays a British working–class youth who rejects the staid conformity of 50's Britain and eventually drifts into the…
DVD $15
Thin Blue Line, TheThin Blue Line, The (1988)
Director Morris digs up a 1976 murder case and uncovers a web of deceit and police corruption. A twisting, bizzare slice of journalism, nicely offset…
DVD $20
Thing Called Love, TheThing Called Love, The (1993)
River Phoenix's final film in which, sadly, his fatal affliction is plainly evident. Set in Nashville, he aspires to country–rock stardom but…
DVD $20
Thing, TheThing, The (1982)
Kurt Russell headlines this remake of the 1951 film about an Antarctic outpost terrorized by an alien organism. Dir. Carpenter cranks up the tension…
DVD $20
This Happy BreedThis Happy Breed (1944)
Another David Lean–Noel Coward collaboration, the pair who later made the fine BRIEF ENCOUNTER. Here they turn their sensibilities to the…
DVD $25 (w/- Brief Encounter & Oliver Twist)
This Way of LifeThis Way of Life (2009)
Evocative, moving Kiwi doco which treats the viewer to an intimate glimpse of a family who reject modernity and live wild with six kids and fifty…
DVD $20
TidelandTideland (2005)
Perennial mindbender Terry Gilliam burrows down the rabbit hole, perverting a child’s fairytale into a corrupted, deeply disturbed nightmare…
DVD $15
Time BanditsTime Bandits (1980)
John Cleese, Sean Connery, Shelley Duvall and others star in this breathlessly inventive fantasy in which a young boy journeys through history to…
DVD $15 (2-Disc Special Ed.)
TommyTommy (1975)
The Who's ground–breaking rock opera about the deaf, dumb and blind kid who plays a mean pin–ball. It's a bad taste extravaganza that…
DVD $20
ToomelahToomelah (2011)
Heartrending portrait of a sensitive but troubled Aboriginal boy who yearns to be a gangster like the other male figures in his life. Like SAMSON…
DVD $20
Touch of Evil, ATouch of Evil, A (1958)
Declaring its virtuosity right from the famous opening–shot, this late film–noir weaves a tale of murder and blackmail in a Mexican…
DVD $25 (w/ The Third Man 2-Pack (as new))
TremorsTremors (1990)
Exciting tongue–in–cheek horror flick in the tradition of 50s 'Creature Features' has Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward among the desert yokels…
DVD $20
True ConfessionsTrue Confessions (1981)
Roberts' De Niro and Duvall act their socks off as cop and priest who happen to be brothers. Conflicting loyalties come to a head through a…
DVD $15
Truth About Cats and DogsTruth About Cats and Dogs (1995)
Cyrano De Bergerac is reworked for the girls in this highly digestible romantic fable. Fresh faces Janeanne Garofalo and Brit hunk Ben Chaplin…
DVD $15
Twice Upon a TimeTwice Upon a Time (Désaccord parfait) (2007)
Agreeable Pan–Euro comedy recounting what happens when a former showbiz couple – a director and his actress muse – reunite thirty years after…
DVD $20
Two-Lane BlacktopTwo-Lane Blacktop (1971)
Ambling across a relentless roadscape of diners and gas stations, young petrol–heads James Taylor (yes, the pop singer) and Dennis Wilson (yes,…
DVD $30
Unbearable Lightness of Being, TheUnbearable Lightness of Being, The (1988)
In war–torn Czechoslovakia 1968, a young doctor is caught between two lovers and the political struggle of his homeland. Daniel Day–Lewis…
DVD $25
Under the Spell of HorsesUnder the Spell of Horses (2010)
Wonderful, vivid documentary series on the ancient relationship between horse and man. Especially memorable: a spectacular, a five hundred strong…
DVD $30
Une Femme MarieeUne Femme Mariee (A Married Woman: Fragments of a Film Shot in 1964 in Black and White) (1964)
Key work from the first phase of Godard's career which deconstructs the life of a married woman in a series of complex and humorous portraits. Over a…
DVD $25 (w/ Collector's Booklet)
Usual Suspects, TheUsual Suspects, The (1995)
Find out who 'Keyser Soze' is, or who you thought he was, in this utterly captivating, original caper movie that unfolds a series of flashbacks in…
DVD $15
VertigoVertigo (1958)
Hitchcock at his most daring and surreal weaves a complex tale of neurosis when Jimmy Stewart's detective begins trailing a mysterious woman (Novak).…
DVD $20
Very Long Engagement, AVery Long Engagement, A (Long dimanche de fiançailles, Un) (2004)
Another crowd–pleasing favourite from the dir. of AMELIE, which uses the Great War as setting for the fairytale search by Audrey Tatou for her…
DVD $25
Vikings, TheVikings, The (1958)
Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis and Ernest Borgnine sport their Nordic apparel to conduct a brutal dispute over the throne of Northumbria. Elegant…
DVD $20
Vintner's Luck, TheVintner's Luck, The (2009)
Contentious, opulent NZ–made adaptation of the much–loved Elizabeth Knox novel, ostensibly about the relationship between a guardian…
DVD $35
Voyage Round My Father, AVoyage Round My Father, A (1983)
Laurence Olivier gives another special performance as Alan Bates' eccentric father who steadfastly refuses to accept compromises on account of his…
DVD $20
Wagner and MeWagner and Me (Stephen Fry Wagner & Me) (2010)
A passionate documentary in which Stephen Fry explores his love for the world's most controversial composer, Richard Wagner – a passion that…
DVD $20
Wait Until DarkWait Until Dark (1967)
A blind Audrey Hepburn is trapped in her apartment by psycho–beatnik Alan Arkin, who's looking for hidden heroin. Based on a stageplay, this…
DVD $20
Wake In FrightWake In Fright (Outback) (1971)
After many years in obscurity, this drama has been dusted off and deservingly reappraised as an Australian classic – a waking nightmare of…
DVD $25 (Special Edition)
Waking Ned DevineWaking Ned Devine (1998)
When national lottery winner Ned Devine carks it, a cunning old codger (Ian Bannen) assumes his identity to claim the loot, and finds no shortage of…
DVD $25
Wanderers, TheWanderers, The (1979)
Bittersweet throw back to life in a Bronx high school in 1963, focused on Italian gang 'The Wanderers', who fumble their way through romance and…
DVD $20
War and PeaceWar and Peace (1956)
In treating Tolstoy's literary sprawl, Hollywood pinned its hopes on a high–profile cast and extravagant battle sequences to redeem a…
DVD $20
WattstaxWattstax (1973)
A little–seen yet significant concert film of the 'Wattstax' festival in Los Angeles in 1972, organised to commemorate the 7th anniversary of…
DVD $30 (import)
Weeping Camel, TheWeeping Camel, The (Story of the Weeping Camel, The) (2003)
A lovingly filmed and touchingly simple excursion into the lives of a family of nomadic shepherds in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia, which blurs the line…
DVD $30
What the Bleep do we Know!?What the Bleep do we Know!? (What the #$*! Do We (K)now!?) (2004)
A unique and certainly popular piece of 'New Age intellectualism", this follows the travails of a deaf photographer (Matlin) through life and…
DVD $40
Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962)
Joan Crawford and Bette Davis scheme and brood in this memorable gothic melodrama about an aged child star and her embittered and jealous sister who…
DVD $25
Where Eagles DareWhere Eagles Dare (1969)
Exciting adaptation of Alistair MacLean's WW2 novel concerning British paratroopers rescue mission from an impregnable castle.
DVD $20
White Countess, TheWhite Countess, The (2005)
Set in the tumult of 1930s Shanghai, when China was threatened with Japanese invasion, this final Merchant–Ivory production (producer Ismail…
DVD $20
Who Killed the Electric Car?Who Killed the Electric Car? (2005)
The promise of electric–powered transport and its subsequent demise is playfully detailed as a faux ‘murder mystery’ in this engaging…
DVD $20
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966)
High powered melodrama with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor in peak form as a married couple whose dinner party turns into a violent debacle.…
DVD $25
Who's That Knocking At My Door?Who's That Knocking At My Door? (1967)
Martin Scorsese's debut feature spins an affecting yarn of youth around the relationship between a street–smart Catholic, Keitel (also…
DVD $15
Wicker Man, TheWicker Man, The (1973)
Policeman Edward Woodward investigates the death of a child on a remote isle where he discovers a sinister pagan cult. An engrossing journey into the…
DVD $20
Witches of EastwickWitches of Eastwick (1987)
Lively comic fantasy about three bored spinsters whose dreams of Mr. Right unwittingly conjure up a diabolical Jack Nicholson.
DVD $20
Wolf Man, TheWolf Man, The (1941)
Universal horror classic has Lon Chaney Jnr. bitten by werewolf Bela Lugosi among the foggy glades of Alpine–set English villages.
DVD $20 (2-disc)
Woman of the YearWoman of the Year (1942)
Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn's endearing screen partnership ignited as disparate newspaper reporters whose personalities at once clash and…
DVD $20
Women in LoveWomen in Love (1969)
Ken Russell's esteemed version of D.H. Lawrence's finest novel about a macho entrepreneur, his philosophically and sexually dubious friend and their…
DVD $20 (import)
WoodenheadWoodenhead (2003)
A remarkable and surrealistic melding of New Zealand setting and Germanic sensibility, in which a sad fairytale narrative is enacted, sung and…
DVD $25
Written On the WindWritten On the Wind (1956)
Douglas Sirk’s strident Texas oil–dynasty drama about a pair of spoiled and wayward heirs to the family fortune and the…
DVD $20
Wrong Man, TheWrong Man, The (1956)
Henry Fonda plays a New York musician whose personal life is dismantled through being falsely accused of robbery. The documentary style well suits…
DVD $20
Wuthering HeightsWuthering Heights (1939)
Emily Bronte's passionate romantic classic is immortalised in celluloid with Laurence Olivier and Merle Oberon unforgettable as doomed lovers Kathy…
DVD $20
Y Tu Mama TambienY Tu Mama Tambien (And Your Mother Too!) (2001)
Acclaimed universally (and here in NZ beset with censorship wrangles), this Mexican joyride, taken by two teenage boys and an older woman, is indeed…
DVD $25
You Got ServedYou Got Served (2004)
Hiphop melodrama in which rival 'crews' battle it out for supremacy in the arena of break–dancing. Renowned for the exceptional dance…
DVD $15
ZatoichiZatoichi (2003)
Actor–director–cult hero Takeshi Kitano stylishly revives a hero of well–known Japanese mythology and scores his most broadly…
DVD $25
Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from MarsZiggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (1973)
David Bowie, in his farewell gig of alter–ego Ziggy Stardust, performs many of the songs that forged his sensational career in the 1970s.
DVD $30

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